5 Things :: grassroots campaigning

It’s election year (at least so the Social Studies teachers tell me; I’m woefully current events inept due to my propensity for fictional drama on TV as opposed to newscasts and I might as well surrender my liberal teacher card since I don’t do NPR).

And in honor of this, I would like to put forth my important, albeit selfish, requests to the Powers that Be. In no particular order:

  1. Get rid of Daylight Savings Time. Because we are no longer an agrarian nation and I hate losing that hour of sleep in the spring, even if I do gain in back in the fall. I’d rather not gain than have to lose.
  2. Tax junk food. I’m doing a mandatory unit right now and one of the readings is this article and I am thoroughly persuaded.
  3. End compulsory education at 8th grade. Then make kids take a serious aptitude test to determine their next education steps. If it be a trade, then so be it. If it be in academia, then hallelujah. College should not be the end all-be all of life.
  4. Require parenting classes. Not as a punitive measure, but as a learning process. And mandate it at each formative stage of a child’s life. If I, as a teacher, have to complete professional development training to keep fresh and invigorated, why not parents? I’d love to take classes on how to teach my daughter not to be a mean girl or how to communicate with my pre-teen son beyond grunting.
  5. This is more for my local government, but c’mon, California! Let’s get with the program and gimme a tax-free weekend already! I’m no economist, but I’m betting one weekend won’t kill businesses and would actually encourage consumption. I’d be happy if it was only for back-to-school items and technology, although clothes and shoes would be great too.


Week in review - Not so much "animal" and more reds and blacks and whites. Odd, that.

Week in review – Not so much “animal” and more reds and blacks and whites.

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10 thoughts on “5 Things :: grassroots campaigning

  1. Kezzie says:

    I FIRMLY agree with parenting classes!!! We actually eun some at our school.but are voluntary unfortunately! X

  2. As a fellow educator, I agree with you about compulsory education. I think some kids are more suited for the trades but that will never fly with suits that run the schools. They are into numbers and it looks better to a school district to have X number of students going to college our of high school than X number that are working in jobs out of high school. Parents would have a cow and complain that their kid is not being given an education to compete in the world, etc.

    It is all about the suits looking good to the public.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Yes, but do the suits really have a say in public education? Bad enough they have a monopoly on everything else. If all of us in the trenches feel similarly, we should rise up and demand change. Down with the Man! 😀

  3. DST has nothing to do with being an agrarian society. Agrarian societies don’t work on clock time – they work sunrise to sunset, regardless of the clock. DST was implemented during times of war to conserve resources, and then implemented permanently in the US during the energy crisis of the 1970s.

  4. I agree with absolutely everything you said. Especially the compulsory education ending at 8th grade. A lot of people might think that’s insane, but working in education I can tell ya, higher education should not be the end goal for everyone. I’ve seen more than a few good kids crushed because they thought they had to fit into that mold when their true gifts/talents are elsewhere.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Exactly! When I share my views with non-educators, they think I’m insane, but my cursory research on education in other parts of the world (Japan and England, specifically) really opened my eyes to the shortcomings and potential drawbacks of the current American system. We are in dire need of a revamping.

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