OOTD :: of belts, boots and marigold




So this is the week for lasts.

Last week of the month.

Last week of 50 Dresses.

Last week before Daylight Savings Time ends.

Last time you’ll see my hair this color.

I think it might also be the last week of consistently warm weather. The 10-day forecast predicts low 80s and high 70s from now on and my sweater-wearing, boot-loving, scarf-sporting self is practically giddy with anticipation.

I do hope the predictions pan out because it would be lovely to actually have a cool evening for trick-or-treating this Halloween. And next week’s 52 Pick-me-up theme is Layers, which is a perfect way to celebrate my finally wearing separates this year.

This week, however, I think Anne is giving us one last summer hurrah, because it’s Marigold Magic and I’m all prepped to show off some brilliant pops of color.

Initially, I was a bit apprehensive since I’d already used up all my yellow dresses for Sunflower Week, but Google came to my rescue when I discovered that marigolds come in oranges, mahoganies and reds as well. That said, today’s ensemble does utilize the standard black and yellow pairing, but it avoids the bumblebee stigma because of that fun tribal print and the richness of the gold, both in color and texture.

This dress is a junior sized one which explains a bit the awkward cut of the torso. I tried to mitigate it with a belt but I may just end up culling it after today. There are just way too many other cute dresses vying for space in my closet to worry about an ill-fitting one, Target/design collab notwithstanding.


:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – Anna Sui for Target
Top – Banana Republic @ thredUp
Boots – Merona @ Target
Belt – yeah, so old I’ve forgotten

:: Linking ::
52 Pick-me-up @ SpyGirl

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8 thoughts on “OOTD :: of belts, boots and marigold

  1. jenortega says:

    The marigold makes the dress!

  2. Kezzie says:

    Do you know, this dress reminds me of Chewbacca’s bullet belts over his shoulders! It’s cute and I.love the blouse!!!
    What did you think of Who this week??? The trailer for next week looked great though I’m scared of what will happen!!!! Surely Missy is Clara!!! X

    • mtsedwards says:

      OMG, it’s my bandolier dress! Now I’m never getting rid of it! Mwahahahaha!

      I’m a bit lukewarm about this week’s Who. I actually liked the kiddos (even though some review sites lambasted their acting), probably because I’m a teacher and a mom. And the idea of the Earth saving itself was very Princess Mononoke of it. But I’m getting a sense that Moffat et al are still trying to decide how to proceed with Jenna and Peter or perhaps they’re preparing for Jenna’s rumored departure? Regardless, I’m not liking this whole separate lives thing. Also, I think they’re handling Danny Pink oddly. I guess I just wanted him to hop on board the TARDIS and go on adventures the way Mickey and Rory did. Sigh…

      • Kezzie says:

        Yeh, i didn’t really like the episode either. I liked the kids but I thought the episode was weak and there was very little satisfactory explanation for events. Yes, I am tired of the boyfriend thing- Danny Pink reminds me of Mickey a bit.x

  3. While I applaud your willingness to purge, the print of the dress is super cute – could it be turned into a skirt?
    How hot has it been that low 80s feels cool? I’ve been complaining about our high 70s temps, because it doesn’t feel like Fall.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Well, I’m thinking of just wearing it with tights and living with the odd cut. If I take this dress to the tailor’s, it will add to my monthly budget and I really want to buy that TARDIS skirt. ;p

      It’s been in the high 90s here in stupid sunny SoCal. I really need to move, don’t I?

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