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OOTD :: of belts, boots and marigold




So this is the week for lasts.

Last week of the month.

Last week of 50 Dresses.

Last week before Daylight Savings Time ends.

Last time you’ll see my hair this color.

I think it might also be the last week of consistently warm weather. The 10-day forecast predicts low 80s and high 70s from now on and my sweater-wearing, boot-loving, scarf-sporting self is practically giddy with anticipation.

I do hope the predictions pan out because it would be lovely to actually have a cool evening for trick-or-treating this Halloween. And next week’s 52 Pick-me-up theme is Layers, which is a perfect way to celebrate my finally wearing separates this year.

This week, however, I think Anne is giving us one last summer hurrah, because it’s Marigold Magic and I’m all prepped to show off some brilliant pops of color.

Initially, I was a bit apprehensive since I’d already used up all my yellow dresses for Sunflower Week, but Google came to my rescue when I discovered that marigolds come in oranges, mahoganies and reds as well. That said, today’s ensemble does utilize the standard black and yellow pairing, but it avoids the bumblebee stigma because of that fun tribal print and the richness of the gold, both in color and texture.

This dress is a junior sized one which explains a bit the awkward cut of the torso. I tried to mitigate it with a belt but I may just end up culling it after today. There are just way too many other cute dresses vying for space in my closet to worry about an ill-fitting one, Target/design collab notwithstanding.


:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – Anna Sui for Target
Top – Banana Republic @ thredUp
Boots – Merona @ Target
Belt – yeah, so old I’ve forgotten

:: Linking ::
52 Pick-me-up @ SpyGirl

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5 Things :: grassroots campaigning

It’s election year (at least so the Social Studies teachers tell me; I’m woefully current events inept due to my propensity for fictional drama on TV as opposed to newscasts and I might as well surrender my liberal teacher card since I don’t do NPR).

And in honor of this, I would like to put forth my important, albeit selfish, requests to the Powers that Be. In no particular order:

  1. Get rid of Daylight Savings Time. Because we are no longer an agrarian nation and I hate losing that hour of sleep in the spring, even if I do gain in back in the fall. I’d rather not gain than have to lose.
  2. Tax junk food. I’m doing a mandatory unit right now and one of the readings is this article and I am thoroughly persuaded.
  3. End compulsory education at 8th grade. Then make kids take a serious aptitude test to determine their next education steps. If it be a trade, then so be it. If it be in academia, then hallelujah. College should not be the end all-be all of life.
  4. Require parenting classes. Not as a punitive measure, but as a learning process. And mandate it at each formative stage of a child’s life. If I, as a teacher, have to complete professional development training to keep fresh and invigorated, why not parents? I’d love to take classes on how to teach my daughter not to be a mean girl or how to communicate with my pre-teen son beyond grunting.
  5. This is more for my local government, but c’mon, California! Let’s get with the program and gimme a tax-free weekend already! I’m no economist, but I’m betting one weekend won’t kill businesses and would actually encourage consumption. I’d be happy if it was only for back-to-school items and technology, although clothes and shoes would be great too.


Week in review - Not so much "animal" and more reds and blacks and whites. Odd, that.

Week in review – Not so much “animal” and more reds and blacks and whites.

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Breaking down the budget :: October 2014

Here’s my haul for the month of October. Since I’ve not really decided on a budget yet ($150? $200? $250?), I’m thinking $251.65 is pretty good, especially considering my Caesar-like excesses of the past.

That said, I suppose I could’ve been even more under budget had I not made that last-minute eBay purchase of that Kirna Zabete dress or that Libertine blazer. Those two items really put me over the top. My only defense is that I went into panic mode when both my Libertine dress and my Kirna Zabete ended up being to snug on me and, rather than simply vowing to cut out sweets for a bit and lose the weight, I decided to replace them with new pieces.

What some of you may not know is that I obsessed over Target/designer collab pieces this past summer. I Wiki-ed them all, and then, going all the way back to 2006, I Mad Hunted so I at least owned one item per collection. Some were pretty easy to acquire and cost me mere pennies (thank you, thredUp!) but others were more challenging and/or more pricey. It didn’t help that the earlier collabs were junior sizes and I’m easily a size 13, not a popular choice out there in eBay land.

Anyhow, my Kirna size medium is up for grabs on eBay if anyone’s interested.

As for the rest of my haul? I did mention I went buck wild with the Payless Comfort Plus sale, thus the shoes. And snuggly cardis ftw! Click on each item for more side stories, if you’re so inclined.

(And yes, Whitney, doing this budget update really kept me from overspending too much. Thanks for the suggestion!)





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OOTD :: of stripes, denim, and neon scarves




Biggest cheat of the week yet: I’m calling this outfit “animal” because the stripes of the dress are reminiscent of a zebra.

Yeah, yeah, I did zebra yesterday, but black and white is such an iconic pairing that I think it deserves a second day.

And if you bought that bit of tripe, I’ve got some land in Florida that I need to sell you.

Truth be told, I wanted to support Whitney and Alex in their new linkup venture. I know how disheartening it is to host a linkup then have very few participants, and perhaps I may be projecting and those two don’t care at all about the numbers, but in case they feel as I do, I want to help promote it as best I can.

This week, then, was a pass-on challenge with “a striped dress, a denim jacket, booties, a scarf or neon” as the elements up for grabs. As you can see, I went whole hog and pretty much hit all the points (although some may quibble that my scarf isn’t all that neon) so I am definitely linkup compliant.

You all should take a gander at the Blogging Besties linkup and join in the fun next week.

Vive le vendredi!

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – Old Navy
Jacket – Mossimo @ Target
Scarf– Old Navy
Wedges – Hive & Honey

:: Linking ::
Blogging Besties @ Whitney a la mode and Undergraduate Style

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