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The Treasury :: October’s scavenger hunt

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O is for ? – Oasis. Well, okay. Not really. I wish. This is actually a water feature in the car wash that I had to drive 35 miles to get to because even after a decade of living in my current town, I still consider myself a resident of my old hometown and I refuse to find a decent car wash in Fontana when the one in West Covina is “home”. And yes, there’s the gratuitous Aly pic because my daughter is a ham.


6pm – This is a bit of a cheat because this pic was taken two months ago when the hubs and I had to attend a company-sponsored professional baseball game. I am not a sports fan at all, but I got free food and pretty good seats and I had to play dutiful wife anyway regardless of my pastime preferences, so this is me pretending to be excited over the players on the Jumbotron but really just taking a pic of that fab water feature beneath it. (Yep, this must be the month of the water feature.)


Morning – This is what my mornings look like on my way to work. Is that the sun? Hells no! That’s the flippin’ moon descending and making way for the sun, that’s how early I have to get up in order to miss the traffic on the freeway. And that’s with carpool buddies. I can’t even fathom how early I’d have to be up if I didn’t have them in the car with me.


Something you bought – I finally capitulated and purchased underwear. I say “capitulate” because I think underwear purchases are a waste of my sartorial budget since no one besides my husband will see it. But I needed them and I bought them and, in typical me excess, I did the whole 5 for $20 deal at Target. Twice. Yes, I got $40 worth of panties. And unfortunately, these go back because, as pretty and lacy as they are, they are extremely, uncomfortably wedgie-inducing. I don’t care if the hubs thinks they’re sexy; I’m replacing these with good ol’ boyshorts.

something you bought

Light – Spending the weekend with my mom who asked me to come by and help her find a fun outfit for a masquerade ball she was attending. Not only did we go and buy her a faboo mask at Michael’s for 50% off, we also had a relatively decadent lunch at the Olive Garden. I’m loving the shape of these pendant lamps.


Close up – of my Vivienne Westwood pendant before it broke. That inscribed heart actually managed to get shorn off its setting (don’t ask me how) and I was devastated when I opened the locket to find it missing. I was all set to buy a replacement to the tune of $300 but thankfully Selah talked me off the ledge. And the following day, I found the piece on my desk in my classroom. The custodian had found it as he was vacuuming and had thoughtfully left it for me without realizing its worth, restoring my faith in humanity. Now if only I can find some jeweler to weld it back in place.

close up

Favourite – Because they say never to play favourites with your children so you all get a Harvey Dent-esque diptych of my kiddos being silly.


Lunch – A pic of the aforementioned Olive Garden meal. Salad may not scream “decadence” but that bowl of all-you-can-eat Zuppa Toscana sure does. I don’t even want to think of the amount of cream and butter and Italian sausage I ingested in one sitting. I console myself with the thought that I ingested just as much kale in the process.


Childhood – Not mine, of course, because those pictures of me would scare you (I was not a photogenic child). Instead, you get gratuitous pic #3 of my daughter who is unabashedly photogenic and is childhood personified, her diction and maturity notwithstanding.


Your Sky – A shot from the balcony of my school upon arrival. Good-bye, moon. Hello, sun!

your sky

Colour and Your shoes – I am combining this because…well, look at them! They’re colorful. And they’re my shoes. And they’re Chucks. Do they even need an explanation?

colour and my shoes