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5 Things :: of loving my body

Several posts ago, I’d made a cheeky reference to my arm flaps, much to my best blogging buddy’s chagrin (I’m sorry, Selah!) and to make up for my egregious self-flagellation, I give you the 5 Things I love about my body:

1. My hair – I dunno if it’s the cut or the hair itself, but I swear to you that I never fix it. I hardly ever comb it either. I literally wash it every other night, towel dry it, then go to bed. When I wake up, I run my fingers through it and away I go. And now that I’ve buckled and got a bit of color in it to add more visual interest, I love it even more.

2. My calves – I think I’ve mentioned them before in passing, but I truly feel blessed with excellent calf genes. To use a dated weight lifting reference, I can literally “blow up my calves” simply by walking a few miles each day on the treadmill. I get that lovely V cut that is emphasized every time I wear heels, and the shape and musculature of them is almost da Vinci-like, if I do say so myself.

3. My ankles – Following along the lines of my calves (literally and figuratively), I must give a shout out to my lovely ankles. They’re slim and tapering and when I wear the proper footwear (i.e. stilettos) I feel like a gracefully gamboling gazelle. No wonder the Victorians practically swooned at the sight of a well-turned ankle.

4. My chin – I’ve been looking at profiles a lot lately. Perhaps it’s because I find myself in more than my fair share of stultifying meetings and all I can do to amuse myself is people watch. And I’ve realized that, much as I complain about inheriting my dad’s “jowls”, I do have a strong, prominent, jutting chin because of it. Most people don’t. And most people look rather weak and insignificant from a side view because of this lack. (Forgive the sudden “Mean Girl” eruption; it’s been one of those weeks.)

5. My shoulders – I complain about them a lot, but when I actually respect them and consider them and purchase clothes that accommodate them, they are a force to be reckoned with. They’re even more powerful when I stop slouching and thrust my chest out like my mom taught me but which I’d given up doing in my youth because it’s not cool to have good posture. I really do need to listen to my mom, don’t I?

Week in review - Marigold a-multiplyin'!

Week in review – Marigold a-multiplyin’!

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