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OOTD :: of over achieving and prima donna colors




So the Blogging Besties items this week were: black top, printed skirt, tights, riding boots, a pendant necklace, a puffy vest or a cognac purse (or your personal interpretation of this outfit).

And because you all know I outfit create weeks in advance, I had to figure out which one of my layered looks would best fit the bill. The brilliant thing about Whitney and Alex’s linkup, though, is that the components of their ensembles are so accessible, and they really only require you to “pass-on” one item, so it’s probably the easiest, least high maintenance linkup I participate in, WIWW notwithstanding.

This outfit, then, becomes my personal interpretation of Whitney’s. It’s got the vest, a pseudo riding boot, and the dress is “printed” enough to pass muster. The vest is also black and is worn on top so I’m calling that a passed-on item too.

I know, I know; I’m only supposed to do one, but the over-achiever in me just kicked into high gear with this one.

Oh, and random note: I swear that top is lime green; the sun just wasn’t cooperating. Then again, maybe it’s just not very photogenic, as evinced by this previous attempt at styling and photographing it.

Vive le vendredi!


:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – Kirna Zabete for Target
Top – Kohl’s
Vest – eBay
Boots – Merona @ Target

:: Linking ::
Blogging Besties @ Whitney a la mode and Undergraduate Style

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