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OOTD :: of anime, angst and adrogyny




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Nana (ナナ?) is a Japanese josei manga series written and illustrated by Ai Yazawa, serialized in Cookie published by Shueisha. The manga derives its title from the name of the two main characters, both of whom are called Nana. Nana Komatsu is a small town girl who goes to Tokyo to follow her boyfriend and college friends, with the hope of having her dream life. Nana Osaki was in a popular punk band in her home town. She goes to Tokyo with the goal of making it big as a singer. The two Nanas meet on the train ride to the city. Later, they run into each other again when they happen to check out the same apartment, and the girls decide to become roommates. The series chronicles their friendship and their lives as each chases her dreams.


Nana was a seminal anime for me out of all the titles I’ve consumed (and trust me, I’ve consumed hundreds!) because it was the one that helped shape my personal style. If I hadn’t already whole-heartedly identified with punker Nana Osaki’s brand of wounded cynic, then the badassery of her wardrobe would’ve cinched the deal.


Because plaid and combat boots and moto jackets are so right up my alley. And I may be tone deaf and may not be able to play an instrument to save my life, but I can certainly rock the look. Watching Nana – both the anime and the live-action drama – was what got me into Vivienne Westwood and rendered me penurious for an entire year as I acquired Viv Westwood swag, not the least of which is the knuckle ring that would eventually become my signature piece.

I did and do still bemoan the fact that my well-endowedness mars the whole rail-thin, adrogynous anime silhouette. And sometimes, in the wee hours of the dawn, I still have a hankering to chop off my hair, strut around with sneering 20-something angst and chain smoke while clutching a bottle of vodka.

A gal can dream, right?

Sadly, I am no longer blinded by the invincibility of youth. And I have to be a responsible grown up with responsible grown up responsibilities.

Style blogging is my escape from all that minutiae. So how fortuitous is it that this week’s Blogging Besties components consisted of “cognac bag, a white sweater, a statement necklace, an A-line skirt, wedges, and plaid”? Guess which elements I’m choosing to pass-on? Because guess who is using this linkup as an excuse to channel her inner anarchic punk rocker?

Vive le vendredi!

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Jacket – H&M
Skirt – Boohoo
Ring – Vivienne Westwood
Boots – ASOS

:: Linking ::
Blogging Besties @ Whitney a la mode and Undergraduate Style

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