OOTD :: of dragon scales and elfin magic




I am not a big LotR fan. Tolkein, sadly, does not do it for me. His writing style is simply too male. I know this is blasphemous talk, especially from a self-confessed fantasy otaku like me. Forgive me if swordplay and epic heroism and massive battles and pretty elves aren’t my cup of tea. Give me comedy and banter and light-hearted romance any day. I skew more Piers Anthony and David Eddings, I guess.

That said, I can definitely appreciate the scope and majesty of epic fantasy’s tropes, specifically the dragon. I prefer my dragons wise and good, à la McCaffrey’s Pern dragons, but really, any will do. And they sure do come cropping up loads in medieval stories.

So I feel perfectly validated wearing today’s ensemble. The vest I scored from thredUp is very reminiscent of dragon scales, which in turn is reminscent of medieval which makes me 52 Pick-me-up compliant. And, of course, TARDIS blue.

(Btw, Selah had sent me this link several days ago, which makes me think I could and should probably make my TARDIS Tuesdays a regular weekly linkup. It’s the one “challenge” I have never failed to do and the various shades of blue, not to mention the myriad cosplay ideas for both Doctor and Companions, should make it a relatively accessible linkup for people, regardless of Whovian fandom or no. What d’you think?)

I’m loving these boots from Target because they’re the perfect shade of cognac and they’re flat, which is perfect for my aging, aching feet. They also have that nice quilted detail in the back that reminds me of medieval armor as well. Egads, am I batting a thousand today or what?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – J.Crew @ thredUp
Vest – thredUp
Skirt – Boohoo
Boots – Merona Colleen @ Target

:: Linking ::
Sophisticated Style @ Fashionably Employed

Pssst! You thinking about your T3 ensemble? It’s free choice month!

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15 thoughts on “OOTD :: of dragon scales and elfin magic

  1. […] and to show my buddy Maricel that I mean business about supporting her TARDIS Tuesday link-up idea, I have to show you […]

  2. Kezzie says:

    Eeek, it sounds a fine idea but not sure if I have enough mileage in my wardrobe for it (or enough sun shine for photos) x

    • mtsedwards says:

      Oh, girl! Please! You constantly inspire me with your Whovian posts! And as a fellow fan, you have access to more ideas and inspiration because you can draw from your extensive knowledge of Who. It’s not limited to the TARDIS and its color, you know. I just call it that coz Iike the alliteration of TARDIS Tuesday, but anything Who goes. 😀

  3. Patti says:

    I’d never bash a master like JRRT, but I too could not make it through even The Hobbit. My husband considered leaving me for that : > Love your dragon scales. xox

    • mtsedwards says:

      Ha! Good thing my husband is a reader of non-fiction. It seems it’s a prereq to be enamored of JRRT if you’re any sort of authentic, card-carrying member of the epic fantasy club. I really thought I was an outlier in this one…

  4. 😥 the Tolkien bashing is breaking my ❤ ! I will definitely link up with TARDIS Tuesdays (although I don't posts outfits on Tuesdays, so I'll be linking posts from Mondays and / or Fridays, okay?). I'm actually wearing my TARDIS socks today, because it is COLD! And now we've both done dragon inspired outfits!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Ah, but I’m not bashing him. Not really. Just confessing to a deficiency in my fantasy fandom. I should be the one crying here. ;p

      That said, I’m keeping the TARDIS Tuesday linkup open for a week, so Tuesday to Saturday should work for you, yeah?

      Dragon inspired outfits ftw!

  5. Yes! I definitely see dragon scales! What a cool interpretation. And, while I’m not a Dr. Who fan (I’ve never watched it for fear of acquiring a new obsession), I will totally participate in your TARDIS link-ups 🙂

  6. chessakat says:

    Preach! About Tolkien. Cannot read him…just…can’t. But I do love the movies! God, I want to smack myself for writing that. I am usually the BIGGEST believer in reading the book first (I even read the UNFORGIVABLY BAD graphic novel of Snowpiercer before seeing the film!) But I just canNOT read Tolkien. I’m Tolkien-intolerant.

    The BOOOOTS! There’s a chance I might scare the crap out of the delivery driver, since I’ll be waiting by the door all day for mine! 😉

    Um, and I think you know my answer to your proposed TARDIS Tuesday link up, but just in case: HELL to the YES!!!!!

  7. jenortega says:

    I completely agree about Tolkien. Space…

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