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OOTD :: of taking it easy and not sweating the small stuff

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So if a blogger stops posting in the blogosphere and no one notices, has she made any sound at all?

No, that was not me being all self-pity partying; I just wanted to be cheeky and clever with my play on words and such.

But really, aside from a lovely private email from Val @ Muse Fondue, my one-week Thanksgiving hiatus went relatively unrecognized. And rather than feeling all butt-hurt feels about it, I was actually quite relieved. Because I’ve been getting that “this is too much of a pain; maybe I ought to just stop” niggling in the back of my mind, and maybe I can combat that by just easing up on my rather punishing posting schedule. And maybe I ought not feel guilty about doing so since my readership didn’t seem to suffer from it anyhow.

Oh, I know I’ve already pulled back by not posting on weekends. But now I’m also thinking that I’ll just do OOTDs when I’m at work and not when I’m on vacay. I’m also thinking of scaling down my linkups (sorry, Anne!) and going back to dressing for weather and whim, only participating in themed linkups if I already have the items and/or the inclination. And I think one or two pics of the outfit is all anyone really needs, yeah? Collaging does take its toll, you know.

If all this sounds like my gearing up for a swan song, never fear. I’m currently battling some difficult life things right now and I need to focus my energies on them and get myself sorted. Hopefully, getting sorted happens sooner than later, and then I can go back to auto piloting my responsibilities and enjoying my leisure activities once again.

/crosses fingers

Today’s ensemble is representative of one of those difficult life things. I wear all black today to mourn my going back to school after a week of bliss. Normally, after a break, I feel rejuvenated and raring to go, but that is not the case with this year’s batch. There is no joy; there is only gritted teeth and forced professionalism.

116 more days to go.


:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Ross
Vest – Tek Gear @ Kohl’s
Pants – H&M
Boots – Seychelle’s

:: Linking ::
Visible Monday @ Not Dead Yet