TARDIS Tuesday :: the linkup goes live


Welcome to TARDIS Tuesdays.

(I hope you don’t find the name of my new linkup too daunting or obscure; I just like alliteration is all.)

The parameters are really simple. Every Tuesday, wear something inspired by Doctor Who: the Doctor (fez, bowtie, cowboy hat, pinstripes), his adversaries (metallics, angels), or his Companions (Clara has the best outfits; just do a Pinterest search).

Of course, you can take inspiration from the TARDIS itself, which means as long as you’re sporting some sort of blue in your ensemble, you are eligible to join in!

Oh, and please include a link to :: My Closet Catalogue :: somewhere in your post so you can be an ambassador of fun.


picstitch(41) picstitch(40) picstitch(39)

For my linkup’s inaugural run, I created an ensemble that models a mishmash of some of the aforementioned parameters:

See how easy that was? So I hope I inspired you or put a bug in your ear or whatever. Just join! The link will be up and open until next Monday and then we start all over again the following Tuesday, yeah? Yeah!


:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Altuzarra for Target
Blazer – eBay
Skinnies – Pixie pants @ Old Navy
Boots – Merona @ Target





16 thoughts on “TARDIS Tuesday :: the linkup goes live

  1. So freaking cute! Must pin-striped blazer!!!!

    I swear I didn’t look at your post before getting dressed, but we are pants and almost-boot twinsies! Oops! Heeeeheee! But come one – these pants are the perfect shade of TARDIS blue.

    • Ha! Speaking of Mr. Baker, I actually ended up wearing my 4th Doctor scarf with this outfit since it started pouring this morning. Too dim to take piccies but trust me – I was very Whovian.

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    • Well, you can always join in the fun here on TARDIS Tuesdays to assuage a bit of the missing 😀 At least, until the Christmas special, right?

    • You can totally marathon watch nu-Who (9th Doctor to present) on Netflix this winter break. I promise you – mind blown! And maybe fangirl street cred with your students? Dunno about that last bit, though. My school is chockfull of nerds and it’s cool to be nerdy. ;p

  3. Just stopping by from Kezzies blog, Great idea for a blog hop, grabbed your link and posted it on my Tuesday page so I can link up with you soon 🙂 Great look…

    • Huzzah for new friends! Hope to see you next week, if not this week. The link is open all week after all. Or should I lock it at the end of each Tuesday since it’s TARDIS Tuesdays after all? Argh. So confused! But happy to make new friends. 😀

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