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OOTD :: of a plethora of thematic obligations


But not only is it T3 week, we’ve also got the fledgling TARDIS Tuesday tomorrow, and the Frozen theme from 52 Pick-me-up aaaaand…

Spirit Week at school!

Yep, I had totally bypassed the first one and I feel I ought to make an effort for this one. ‘Tis the season to be magnanimous and all. And perhaps if I try to enjoy my students this year, things might just turn around.

Stranger things have happened.




Today is quite obviously Pajama Day. I love this theme because it always gives me an excuse to hie on over to Target and splurge in something that I normally don’t give two hoots about since very few people see me in it. Kinda like socks and underwear.

Anyhoozle, I’m a bit bummed about my pjs purchase this year because a) I overestimated my size again and got a large and now the pants insist on falling off unless cinched tight by b) drawstrings! Argh! The pjs came in a nice little wrapped package and I was loath to un-bow them and try them on in the store and I thought they’d be elastic waisted, but alas! They are not. And too bad I threw away the receipt since c) these babies went on sale two days after I bought them.

Sigh. My life.

At least the top fits my linebacker shoulders and I still love the pattern – they’ve got cunning polar bears slumbering by cabins and pine trees! – and they totally work for 52 Pick-me-up ‘coz this is what I’d wear if the world was frozen outside.

Oh, and btw: Thoughtful Third Thursday’s theme this month is Best OR Worst Read of 2014. C’mon, folks! Do tell!

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
PJs – Gilligan & O’Malley @ Target
Shoes – Chucks

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