T3 :: of indecisions, a list and badassery




I can’t. I just can’t.

I can’t ever settle with one thing. It’s why best/worst/what’s your favorite fill in the blank inquiries always confound me. I’m your quintessential Gemini; can’t make up my mind to save my life.

That said, you’d think I’d veto Selah when she came up with this month’s T3 topic: Best or Worst Read of 2014. How did I even think I’d be able to narrow down a year’s worth of reading into one, final decision?


But it had sounded like a great topic at the time – a good way to cap off the year – and I couldn’t think of an alternative topic so I’d agreed and thought I’d surely think of something by the time December came rolling around. And yet here we are. December. And I got nothing.

Or so I thought.

When I was planning this week, my primary game plan was to fulfill my school’s Spirit Week. And today is Flannel Day. And I came up with this outfit. And I really liked it and wouldn’t even have thought to change it but then I remembered T3 and despaired, thinking I’d have to start from scratch.

But then I went to my Goodreads account and reviewed my 2014 reading list and had a total epiphany: you know what all my 5-star reads all have in common? Badass female protagonists who don’t take guff from anyone. And you know what I feel like in this outfit? Yep. You guessed it.

So even though I simply can’t decide on a “Best Read”, at least I can determine what makes all my bests so great. Now if only I could’ve decided on which pair of boots to wear with this ensemble when I did my pictorial. (Yep, I’m wearing two different boots; didja notice?) Which do you think eventually won out?


:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Karmaloop
Flannel – H&M
Jeans – H&M
Boots – ASOS and Charlotte Russe


18 thoughts on “T3 :: of indecisions, a list and badassery

  1. Kezzie says:

    Clara shirt alert, Clara shirt alert!!!!!!x

  2. Dawn Lucy says:

    Looking great, you badass beauty!
    Dawn Lucy

  3. Ahh! I love your book theme here! PERFECT! I’m also jealous of your spirit days…they seem so much more doable than ours. Alas, life craziness has been super crazy this week and I won’t be able to link-up. There’s always next month, right?!

  4. chessakat says:

    Top pic boots! I love the badass theme! And I just put SO many of your 5-stars on my TBR list! Yay, books!

  5. Pfft, best and worst are ALWAYS open to personal interpretation. Nice spin! LOVE flannel!

  6. Patti says:

    Me too, coming up blank for my year’s favorites. If re-reads count, then Oryx and Crake. The worst shall not be named! xox

  7. Val S says:

    I’m the same as you – I have at least five favorite books. How could I ever pick one? I can’t even remember what I’ve read this year. (I’m pretty new to Goodreads, but I’ll look for you.)

    You do look badass, even more so because you switched boots. It’s your prerogative, baby!

    • mtsedwards says:

      And they were super comfy all day. I did throw on a longline black fuzzy vest for extra warmth but the overall look left me feeling large and in charge. 🙂

  8. jenortega says:

    That was a good workaround. You do look badass in this ; ) I’m no Gemini, and I am just as indecisive when people ask me for my favorites. I most often come up blank!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Missed you today. Hope you had a great time at lunch and I’ll see you next year! Joe was my Secret Santa and he already gave me my present, so all’s good in the hood!

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