3 thoughts on “

  1. jenortega says:

    You should see “Into the Woods”. There is a definite TARDIS moment ; )

  2. Jan Graham-McMillen says:

    What did you think? In my darkish mood, I relished it! Very nice to see Nick Frost as a mildly badass Santa ( I’m a huge fan of Simon Pegg & Company … “Hot Fuzz” is a fave.)
    Lost it just a little when the Doctor asks Santa how he gets all the presents in the sleigh and Santa fires right back ” It’s bigger on the inside.”
    I was so pleased with that, it prompted me to go get another chocolate cupcake. Love my pause button on the remote.

    • mtsedwards says:

      In the mood I’ve been in currently, this episode really made me get all feels. At the risk of sounding supremely maudlin, I literally sobbed my way through the last third of it. “Last Christmas” indeed. I, too, appreciated the “bigger on the inside” jibe and I loved all the meta references to all things non-Whovian (I mean, Alien and George Michael in one ep? Bloody brilliance!) This is by far my most favorite Christmas special yet, even beyond anything 10 had ever done.

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