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OOTD :: of Marsala, paisley, and closet orphans


For the month of January, Selah and I challenge you with this: Favorite Literary Man. Now mind you, we’re talking literary, not literate. Although I suppose your literary man could be your fave because he was literate.

Ah, I’m making things too discombobulated again. Just pick your fave guy from a book you’ve read and use him as inspiration for this Thursday’s T3 linkup, would ya? Thank you very much. 🙂




Today, I was inspired by Anne’s call to Pantone. I’ve done my take on interpreting last year’s colors before, but this year’s choices feel a bit anemic to me. Thus, rather than creating looks for the entire complement of colors, I’ll just do one outfit highlighting the color I do like. Happily, it is also the Color of the Year.

Marsala – it evokes richness and wine and winter and decadence. I think Renaissance and Baroque in one happy anachronistic amalgam. That said, I really wasn’t in the mood for costume today, so my interp of Ren-Baroque is rather tame. I am sporting some fab Marsala pants, though, purchased for a steal at one of those Kohl’s super sales. They’re lined and coated and warm and could perhaps eclipse my $7 Forever 21 jeans as my fave pants.

I made good use of this palette

pantone2015when I chose my top. Initially, I was gonna go greens and blues, but this blouse – one I’d acquired when I was Mad Hunting for paisley and which subsequently ended up in the depths of my closet when the urge for the print waned – leapt out and begged to be worn. I was pleasantly surprised with the way the colors all harmonized in real life and will never doubt the Pantone gurus again.


:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top  – unknown label @ eBay
Pants – Rock & Republic @ Kohl’s
Booties – Fergie

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