No OOTD today

So let’s play the good news/bad news game, shall we?

The good news: I’m not going to work today.
The bad news: I’m not going to work today because I have to babysit the demo guys as they gut my house since my toilet leaked last Sunday and they have to assess the water damage to the ceiling and walls and floors.

The good news: I don’t have to face my students.
The bad news: I had planned an SUSD (Shut Up, Sit Down aka independent research) day anyway so now I’ve wasted it on a sub.

The good news: I get to lounge around the house all day.
The bad news (for my regulars anyway): There will be no Wednesday OOTD because sweats and a tee are thoroughly unglamourous and unworthy of a full-bore pictorial session.

The good news: I’ll haveย plenty of uninterrupted time to create future outfits and perhaps even complete some photo shoots.
The bad news: I don’t think I’ll feel comfortable with demo guys swarming the place, so no creating or photo shooting will be had.

The good news: I’ll have plenty of uninterrupted time to actually read.
The bad news: None of the books on my library queue have come in so I have nothing to read.

The good news: I’ll have plenty of uninterrupted time to write.
The bad news: I’m currently in a slump and can’t seem to break through the writer’s block.

So how much you all wanna bet that this is gonna end up being a complete waste of a day, riddled with halfhearted attempts at productivity but ultimately doomed to amount to nothing?

Frustration by Elly-Mewchan

Thank you for allowing me to break protocol and whinge on a Wordless Wednesday. We return you to your normally scheduled broadcast tomorrow…


23 thoughts on “No OOTD today

  1. Sometimes doing nothing is productive because it’s just what your mind and body needs.

  2. jenortega says:

    Awww…I hope it was better than you thought!

  3. Val S says:

    Sounds like you’ve had plenty of suggestions for what to do, but you can also choose not to be productive, and just let your mind wander. Now I’m going to look up that book Anne mentioned – that sounds interesting!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Let me know how it is. Can’t read now that Aly is here. For some reason, my kids don’t respect the book and feel it’s perfectly okay to interrupt Mom when she has a book in hand. Oddly, they leave me alone when I knit. Must be the needles…

  4. Ugh, SUSD days are my favorite! And I hate wasting them on subs! I think that you should then use your unproductive day to be completely and wonderfully lazy!

  5. Try browsing your library’s ebooks? Clean? I totally stress clean.

    • mtsedwards says:

      I anger clean and I’m not angry right now. That said, I did straighten up the kitchen from last night’s mess in preparation for the chaos to come.

  6. Anne the SpyGirl says:

    Maybe try “free downloadable” books? There’s Tom Sawyer, I know for a fact.
    I obtained a really esoteric one, nonfiction, by John Benwell called An Englishman’s Travels in America… [more to title but can’t read on iPhone]. Got both from an Amazon Kindle search within the Kindle app on phone.

    Sucks that you can’t do any bloggy activities. Read blogs? Pin stuff?
    Organize your Pins into (ahem) Boards? (No judgement. OK, maybe a little).

    • mtsedwards says:

      I think, now that Aly is home with me, I’ll be helping her make a puppet of her favorite historical person. How brilliant is it that she chose William Shakespeare? I heart her so much! ๐Ÿ˜€

      And I do have my Pins organized in Boards, don’t I?

  7. Patti says:

    Oh man, I cannot be happy with demo guys running around my house (I always find some urgent chores to do downtown). Deep breath, do some online browsing and fill a few virtual shopping carts for fun. xox

    • mtsedwards says:

      I *have* been enjoying Poshmark and building a presence in that community. Check out my new widget which sends you to my closet. I totally custom made that code last night based on the basic one they gave me. ;p

  8. chessakat says:

    Oh man!!!! Toilet leaks and NO books to read? Awful! Enjoy your sweats time, maybe make some cookies? But this is coming from a person who cooks when stressed (yesterday I roasted beets, a pumpkin, baked a batch of pinto beans, made salad dressing, chai concentrate and pumpkin turnovers. Because there was online homeschool drama that I freaking over).

    • chessakat says:

      *was* freaking over. God. Need coffee.

      • mtsedwards says:

        Having a cup o’ joe right now while I play catch-up on the blog. Argh! When are these men gonna get here?! Also, I woke up to Aly being home because she was running a light fever and the hubs decided to let her stay home. This means she’s been out now for 5 days. I feel like one of THLSE moms. Thank goodness she’s in G.A.T.E. and can keep up.

    • Ugh, online homeschool drama? This is why I’m such an independent homeschooler (I’m in my 5th year and have yet to join any kind of group / co-op).

      • chessakat says:

        Yeah, it’s growing pains, basically. In and of itself, it’s just an email list splitting off. But the ability of people to dramatize the situation makes me crazy!!!!

        And somehow I accidentally became responsible for a new email list in the process. Well, co-responsible. How did this happen?! I’m already on the steering committee of a co-op! #timetomove ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • mtsedwards says:

          I think this must be the year of work/school drama for everyone. And here I thought 2015 was gonna be a good year. Sigh. Well, this too shall pass, right? I keep telling myself that to prevent from throwing up my hands in despair and going on a life strike.

          • chessakat says:

            Maybe we’re all in a drama vacuum after the holiday season and so life just decided to fill it for us? Meh.

            How can I help your day? In the mood for a mission? I’m thinking of looking at knee-length dresses! ๐Ÿ˜‰

            I just added you to my pinterest board – it will be so much easier to keep track this way, no? At least for me!

            And of course you are under NO obligation. Just, you know, in case you’re looking for a distraction. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • mtsedwards says:

      So yeah. No uninterrupted time for me because Aly is home. At least I’m making her keep a schedule and do all her make-up work while I “work”. Is this what homeschooling is like?

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