OOTD :: of faux leather and calling dibs





This week is brought to you by: “teal, lace, peplum, black skinnies, cognac, leather, crossbody bag, and gold jewelry”.

For your viewing pleasure, I give you: the lace, black skinnies, and leather, chosen because oddly, the rest of the other components are more my sisters’ forte than mine.

The extra bits: When we were kids, my sisters and I always called dibs on specific things and the others knew that those things were hands’ off.

I kid you not. We had our “own” colors (mine was red), our “own” ice cream flavors (mine was strawberry), and even our own print (mine was paisley) and if the others wanted to eat, wear, or have anything that was ours, she had to make an official request or risk being shunned for weeks.

We were an odd bunch, but that’s what happens with four girls in the mix. Heaven help my dad when we all reached puberty…

Nowadays, being grown ups and living far from each other pretty much gives us the freedom of choice, but I still associate particular things with them and try to respect their claim. So teal is my big sister’s color, cognac and the crossbody bag belongs to KS#1, gold jewelry is KS#2’s purview and none of us are particularly fond of peplum.

I was toying with peplum, though, when I saw the list because I do own a peplum top that needs its day in the sun. But this outfit just came together so wonderfully with the other elements, especially when my new H&M faux leather skinnies came in the mail in time for a pictorial. By the way, after trying on the three I ordered, I decided I couldn’t do all-faux leather pants because I have no derriere to fill them out, so these half denim/half faux ones were the best bet for me.

The Union Jack scarf was a last-minute addition to keep me warm and it picked up the blue of the Chucks. Together, I think they give this ensemble the edge that the lace top needed. I feel so rocker chic.

But the best part? I am implementing three elements of the Blogging Besties challenge which is a hat trick which means I have cleverly managed to comply with Anne’s Pick-me-up challenge this week without wearing a hat!

Am I clever or what?

Vive le vendredi!

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – F21
Blazer – Express
Skinnies – H&M
Scarf – Romwe
Shoes – Chucks

:: Linking ::
Blogging Besties @ Whitney à la mode and Undergraduate Style
52 Pick-me-up @ SpyGirl

:: Grooveshark it ::
Save Me, San Francisco by Train


18 thoughts on “OOTD :: of faux leather and calling dibs

  1. You do look SO rocker chic! That’s too funny about you and your sisters. Thinking back, my sister and I were kind of like that too. At least I never wanted to like the same things that she did. Now we can match and it doesn’t matter at all!

    • mtsedwards says:

      I think, as I move into my mid-forties, this style genre is becoming more and more appealing to me. Must be the leather and the Chucks. ;p

  2. Awww, that’s so cute how you and your sisters have your own little things that are reserved for you. I think my sister and I do that sometimes without noticing it, haha. Love your look, as always!

    • mtsedwards says:

      I love how you actually take the time to read my rather lengthy posts. I know you’re always so super busy and I’m flattered that you do so. Hope your weekend is going well. Back to the grind tomorrow…

  3. Brandy says:

    I love this outfit! So fun! Those pants! That shirt! Those shoes!!

  4. chessakat says:

    You are so rocker chic!!!! I love it. Those leggings are badass! And you’re making me rethink my aversion to lace….

    • mtsedwards says:

      Ha! First white clothes and now lace? I wish my mojo worked on Selah and scarves, but she’s adamantly opposed to things around her neck. ;p

  5. Kezzie says:

    Ha, my sister and i did that too!!! Total dibs on certain colours and things. My colour was turquoise. My sweet colour was red and my sister had yellow (oh my mum was in on it too and had purple/black sweets!) X

    Why don’t I have TARDIS blue chucks. One of my blog friends did TARDIS Tuesdays but forgot to link up!! X

    • mtsedwards says:

      Your mom is cool for joining in on the fun!

      And tell your friend the link is open until next Tuesday if she wanted to still link up.

      You need TARDIS blue Chucks. Stat! 😀

  6. Val S says:

    You are so clever, Miss Hat Trick! I love the Union Jack scarf and the denim/faux leather skinnies. You know I love the rocker chick look, and you wear it well. You also wear Chucks like no one else, so I hope that was your dibs among your sisters.

  7. Now who’s thinking outside the box? 😉

  8. Anne the SpyGirl says:

    Ha! You tricky thing, you! I kept reading, going “Where’s the hat?” ;-D

    Great story about you and your sisters. I am the eldest of my siblings, and I used to get dibs on EVERYTHING. Since I have moved west to the better coast, they have exacted their revenge and get what they want. It still grinds my beans that my sister inherited the leather bound Thomas Hardy set and I got Gideon’s Fall of the Roman Empire. Gideon! My favorite bedtime reading! (I guess I shouldn’t knock it until I read it. But… will I ever?)

    Thanks for linking!

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