OOTD :: of not about Valentine’s Day





When you get to be as old and as long-but-still-happily-married as I, you tend to look upon Valentine’s Day fondly but distantly. Kinda like that favorite sweater your wore to death in college and wish you could find a replacement for but are perfectly okay if you can’t.

I’m certainly not one of those lovey-dovey women who get all butt hurt if their significant others don’t make a big deal about the day. And I’m also not one of those cynical academics who eschew and scorn V Day for its commercialism and opportunistic materialism.

I guess you could say I’m in the middle. I have found the zen of Valentine’s Day. I am a V Day Buddha.

That said, I must admit that my most recent Mad Hunt has been for this particular sweater. Not because of Valentine’s Day. And not because of that glaring red heart, mind you, but because of that glaring red heart and STRIPES together. Be still my…well, you know.

Needless to say, that hefty price tag was not amenable to my current budget so to knock-off land I went scurrying. And as most of you know, that is a bad rabbit hole in which to fall down because, my friends, I ended up acquiring not one, but three heart sweaters.


And since this week does lead up to Valentine’s Day, I guess I have no choice but to showcase all three, right? At least get them worn before I tire of them and I go haring off on my next Mad Hunt?

Today’s outfit is the simplest top of them all. I like the fact that it’s black and it’s a tunic and it’s not overtly holiday wear. I maxed out the non-holiday wear factor by pairing it with an olive utility jacket, Chelsea boots and my new Hamlet leggings. Hamlet leggings! Who knew?! I’m linking up with Anne because I heart my leggings.

This is the perfect ensemble for my conference day at the district office – comfy, unstuffy and edgy enough to show the muckety mucks that I don’t take myself too seriously but sedate enough – for me, anyway! – as not to call too much attention to myself.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top  – eBay
Leggings – Amazon
Jacket – F21
Boots – ASOS

 :: Linking ::
52 Pick-me-up @ SpyGirl
Visible Monday @ Not Dead Yet

:: Grooveshark it ::
For a Lifetime by Simmonds and Jones


29 thoughts on “OOTD :: of not about Valentine’s Day

  1. Jan Graham-McMillen says:

    “Bless your black little heart” my grandmother would say! Brilliant in any case. Love it, very Joan Jet in a couple of ways, and it’s got a high cool factor amid schmaltzy V-Day stuff. Especially with Hamlet leggings. You really do make this kind of thing work better than anyone!
    I NEED some Valentines posies from my old Dan. I’m always making sure my Valentine’s Day diners are having a good time, and I’m always sad when the delivery guy brings in bouquets for … well, NOT me. I need my bouquet sitting on the counter, even the most simple one, to remind myself that I deserve a bit of symbolic and demonstrative stuff, too. Beyond that, candy gifts from Dan seem almost passive-aggressive, and jewelry is … well, his taste runs to the cheap and tacky. So flowers are my wish every year.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Oh, that’s intriguing…how is box of chocolates passive aggressive? Do tell!

      Flowers die so I’d rather the hubs get me a new pair of Chucks. Or maybe Docs? ;p

      • Jan Graham-McMillen says:

        Efforts to keep my weight at a dull roar are sweetly sabotaged by a box of chocolates … he knows I’m weak. But he also knows I have to smile and say thank you, and he ends up eating most of them. That’s just mean.
        Oh, yes, shoes would be nifty! Not happening here, though. Hope you get good ones!

        • mtsedwards says:

          My dull roar is more like a thunderous cacophony so I feel you on the chocolates thing. Lucky for me, the hubs isn’t much into sweets so no fear of sabotage here.

  2. Dawn Lucy says:

    OMG, Hamlet leggings! As an English teacher, I’m in love! <3!!
    Dawn Lucy

  3. jenortega says:

    Always fun to see the outfit in person before I see it on your blog. That should be your signature background.

  4. Kezzie says:

    Oh and is that your bookcase?!?!?!! I am ITCHING for a closer look!!

  5. Kezzie says:

    I don’t mind no fuss (I asked my husband specifically not to buy me anything last year but he went and bought me some horrid posh chocolates- I prefer cheap plain chocolate, not fancy weird fruit flavours!) but I DO like a homemade card!! That’s my only criteria!!x

  6. Mrs C says:

    Yeah, I know what you mean about Valentine’s Day. My husband would come out with lame remarks like “Everyday is Valentine’s Day (quote from the song Funny Valentine) But jokes aside, we don’t do Valentine’s the way most people do.. we would normally plant a tree (last year was an olive tree) and hang out with the kids. Love this no nonsense effortless look!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Oh, I love the idea of planting trees! What a beautiful legacy! Too bad I’d end up killing mine; I can barely keep a bamboo fortune plant alive. ;p

  7. Patti says:

    Okay now I am seriously in love with your book cases. Fabulous leggings too. Thanks so much for linking up to Visible Monday, xo.

  8. chessakat says:

    After I determined that that was, in fact, not photoshopped backdrop, the less-PG version of “Shut the front door!” actually came flying out of my mouth. My five-year-old chastised me, because my coffee-fueled potty-mouth filter is not yet in place. HOLY CRAP, those BOOKSHELVES!!!!!

    Ok, now that I’m not hyperventilating with envy, I can actually look at your outfit and say – CUTE. The husband and I have always been pretty anti-valentines (we are too snarky for you, Hallmark Holiday!). But your heart shirt is totally rockin’. And HAMLET leggings?! So. Badass.

    • mtsedwards says:

      LOL. You always make me laugh. I can totally imagine your coffee-fueled potty-mouth moment right now! And yes, those are my bookshelves. The hubs has built them for me twice now – the first time was at our starter home – and he says I’d better enjoy them now coz he’s not building them for me again. That said, he IS amazing but I have to toot my own horn by saying that it was I who stained all the removable shelves – all 25 of them!

  9. Hamlet leggings?!? So cool! Do they have leggings for any other books/authors? I’m looking forward to seeing all of your hear sweater looks! I do love Valentine’s Day but at the same time, it doesn’t need to be a big deal. I just like the opportunity to show my loved ones how much I love them a little bit more than usual!

  10. Black, grey, and olive are always a cool combo! I’m totally jealous of your beautiful bookshelves! Mine are from Ikea and my books don’t look nearly so neat.

    • mtsedwards says:

      I’d just organized them, actually, and made the kiddos take their own scrapbooks and yearbooks to their rooms so the “library” is more cohesive and “literary” (Used to have Legos and crafting stuff in those baskets at the bottom.) The neatness of them is just a happy product. 😀

  11. Anne M Bray aka SpyGirl says:

    Ha! A two-fer: you “heart” your leggings (as do I) and you’re wearing your heart on your, um, bosom.
    Did you digitally transport yourself into that library or is that shot at your manse?
    Thanks for linking! On a Monday!

    Mad hunts: put down the credit card NOW!

    • mtsedwards says:

      That, my friend, is a shot of my manse. Those are the floor to ceiling bookshelves my hubs made for me when we first moved into our house. It was supposed to be the formal dining room, but who formally dines anymore anyway? I love them to pieces but unfortunately,they make for very busy backdrops, so Aly to the rescue with some filtering magic.

      I’m gonna continue linking with you, if that’s okay. ;p

      I know, I know. Stupid Mad Hunts…

      • Anne M Bray aka SpyGirl says:

        Oh please, link to your HEART’s content! You know I love your links.
        Everywhere in my house is a mess. I pretty much have two places to pose on the back patio that are not cluttered. Such is my life.

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