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OOTD :: of magnolias and pretty in pink

This is a magnolia:



And this is my interpretation of a magnolia for this week’s 52 Pick-me-up:





This entire outfit is so out of my comfort zone if only because the colors are so pastel and, in my opinion, wash me out. I had to do some serious Photoshopping to even get them satisfactory to my exacting standards, ramping up the saturation and warmth to get vibrancy.

Still, I promise you that it looks pretty decent IRL, and I do so adore these new shoes I snagged at Forever 21. You all know I’m a sucker for a good oxford, and these are super fun with the exaggerated pointy toe and spring pink color. Purchase them online and they even come with an extra pair of black laces which you can bet I’m gonna have fun with later on down the road.

I’m also happy for the opportunity to wear this necklace I received as a free present from Lisa @ Respect the Shoes when I bought a pair of shoes from her last year. I’d felt guilty for it because, as mentioned, pale pink is not my color and I couldn’t for the life of me find a way to style it but I felt bad just having it sit in my jewelry box.

But now, thanks to Anne and her weekly style challenges, not only am I stretching my sartorial muscles with the whole pastel thing, I was able to make good use of Lisa’s generous prezzie.

Woots all around.

EDIT: And then it rained. So I threw on a fuchsia infinity scarf and some navy blue knee-high socks for warmth and comfort but didn’t have time to snap a pic, so you’re just gonna have to use your imagination. I promise it looked really cute.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top  – F21
Blazer – F21
Skirt – Boohoo
Oxfords – F21

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