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OOTD :: of versatility…or indecisiveness?


About two weeks ago (ah, how time flies!) my very good friend and excellent beta reader, Selah, nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award, for which I am enormously flattered.

The award / tag is simple: thank the people who gave it to you, share seven facts about yourself, and then nominate other bloggers that you think deserve to be praised for versatility.

So thank you, my dear Selah, for not only my nomination but for the reason behind it: “One of the dictionary definitions of versatile is “variable or changeable, as in feeling, purpose, or policy”, so I’ve got to nominate my buddy Maricel @ My Closet Catalogue for having the most versatile style EVER.” High compliment indeed!

Initially, I’d thought to give you 7 of my favorite looks but indecisive me couldn’t figure out which ones to highlight. Such is the curse of the indecisive versatile blogger.

Instead, then, I give you seven style blog-related things that I can’t live without. That should suffice, yeah?

  1. Schwing Liquid Eyeliner by the balm – I’ve raved about this before, but it bears repeating: this stuff is the ISH! There’s a reason I stock up and buy them by the dozens when they go on sale on Haute Look.
  2. Pandora – Yeah, I know there are other free online radio stations out there. But I’ve been a Pandora subscriber since they first came on the scene and I’m nothing if not loyal. Listening to music is key to my outfit creating sessions, and there has been many a time when I’ve gotten myself out of a slump because a jaunty tune comes on unexpectedly on my Maroon 5 station.
  3. Shuttr remote – Another thing I’ve raved about back when I was still doing regular HGB features and my feelings have not changed. If anything, I heart this thing even more now than ever before. I truly cannot fathom doing my blog without it.
  4. iPhone – Okay, really any smartphone would probably do, but I’ve got the iPhone so there you go. Honestly, unless you do this gig for a living and/or have that significant other willing to be your dedicated photographer, complete with all the lenses and fancy shmancy equipment, a smartphone is essential for style blogging. Do people even buy cameras for fun anymore?
  5. Cosmopolitan Dream Big OTK boots – I am gonna cry when I have to retire these boots. I remember fiercely Mad Hunting OTK boots forever and purchasing tons at Zappos and returning them in despair. I wasn’t even looking when I stumbled on these beauties in JCPenney of all places. Now I wear them. All. The. Time. Have I told you I got them for only $50?! And have I told you they are all sold out. Yeah, I’m gonna cry. Buckets.
  6. Infinity scarvesSpecifically these (although this isn’t the exact seller I purchased from, the items are the same). Something missing from an outfit? BOOM! This scarf. Feeling a little nipply out and there’s a brisk wind blowing? BAM! This scarf. Bad hair day so you wanna put your hair up but now your neck feels naked? Yep. This scarf. You know it’s a keeper when you realize you’ve bought it in every color available.
  7. Chucks – Speaking of one in every color…Heh. Does this one even need explaining? 😜

That was fun. Maybe next time, I’ll do 7 novel writing things I can’t live without. Or 7 cooking related items my kitchen can’t do without. Or 7 search engines I frequent the most. Oh, the possibilities…

For my nominations, I give a shout out to Kezzie @ KezzieAG who always manages to write about her everyday life and routines and make them sound magical (must be because she’s British. 😜), and Chessa @ Leveled Up Style who impresses me with her willingness to try fashion things even when they go beyond her comfort zone. Hopefully they take up the challenge because I can’t wait to see what their 7 things are.

In the meantime, here are pics of what I wore last Tuesday because the weather demanded I bundle up. No, I’m not wearing an outfit two Tuesdays in a row. Today, I’m actually wearing the green velvet ensemble from last week; yes, I cheated on my blog! Forgive me?





I don’t think this ensemble needs any commentary on this TARDIS Tuesday, does it? It’s so blatant, I almost cringe at the audacity. Do note that I’m sporting one of the aforementioned scarves. Heh.

And you, my friend? Anything British, blue or Doctor Who? Do tell…



:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Sweater – eBay
Skinnies – Karmaloop
Boots – Charlotte Russe

:: Grooveshark it ::
Take It On Back by Chase Bryant