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OOTD :: of Spirit Week and the end in sight




It’s Spirit Week. The last one of the year. I think.

And in honor of surviving what has probably been the most godawful year of my entire teaching career to date, I shall willingly and deliberately participate in this school activity as an act of pure irony.

Today is Jersey Day. Or Sports Day. Or Sports Jersey Day. Regardless of what you wanna call it, it’s always been the bane of my existence because I just don’t do sports gear. Oh, I can do “sporty” as a style niche, but I’m just not into proudly displaying my team’s mascot/colors/swag. Probably because I don’t follow sports enough to have a team.

So I literally had to run to Forever 21 to find something inexpensive and disposable but also cute and compliant. Thank goodness I had some stuff still with tags on that I was able to use for exchange.

What I snagged, then, is this uber comfy sweatshirt that could’ve been perfection except for the lack of kangaroo pocket. I do appreciate its heft (a rare commodity at F21), it’s fun color pairing of purple and grey, and the fact that the number is not so in-your-face on my chest.

And being me, I had to do a bit of juxtaposing with a swirly whirly skirt instead of the expected sweatpants because…well, because I can.

Finish it off with matching purple Chucks, and I think I nailed this one. Doesn’t it have that old-fashioned 50s cheerleader vibe to it? J’adore!

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top  – F21
Skirt – LOFT
Shoes – Chucks (and it’s not even a Friday!)

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