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OOTD :: of Music Genre Day and punk rock





You wanna know what’s quintessentially British?


You wanna take a stab at what musical genre I chose to stylistically interpret for this spirit day on a TARDIS Tuesday?


Once I’d put this whole look together, however, I realized it was practically identical to this one and I almost redid the whole thing because we all know how I hate being derivative. But I really love the filter work I’d done on all the photos. And I love the way the socks look super cute with my Docs. And I love how I finally found a red plaid skirt reminiscent of the one I’d worn to interview for my job at my school and how BFF was thoroughly scandalized at the cavalier way I was taking the interview but how I got the job anyway despite (or because of?) my unique ensemble.

So I kept the outfit and will wear it with pride and panache. And adorned with my Union Jack pendant and my signature Vivienne Westwood armor ring, I shall revel in the utter British-ness of it all.

And you, my friend? What ensemble have you got for me today? British, blue or Doctor Who? Do tell…



:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Old Navy
Skirt – Romwe
Cardi – Rodarte for Target
Socks – Target
Shoes – Doc Marten’s

:: Grooveshark it ::
Three Little Birds by Bob Marley