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OOTD :: of emergency outfits and the difficulties of black





Allow me to appropriate today for my righteous purposes.

Initially, I was to feature my 52 Pick-me-up outfit today as per usual, but something happened at school on Friday that necessitated a quick wardrobe change. It’s a long, drama-full story that probably won’t interest my stylista readers, but suffice to say I had to wear black today in support of my students.

Sadly, black is the least photogenic color when all you’ve got is your backyard and an iPhone. Oh, and when you’ve gotta take emergency pics in the heat of the day and the sun isn’t cooperating, ruining your shots with shadows.

I took a detail pic of the sweater so you all can see the awesomesauceness of the ribbon fabric, but you really can’t see its drape. Or the fact that it’s semi-sheer quality does allow the red tank to show through. Or the fact that my pants are my favorite snakeskin skinnies.

So, yeah. Today, we use our imagination.

I hope my students appreciate my sartorial sacrifice.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – H&M
Skinnies – H&M
Shoes – Chucks (and it’s not even a Friday!)

:: Grooveshark it ::
Let Her Go by Passenger