T3 :: of conquering a mighty trifecta and more anime





I had three things competing for blogging space today. To wit: Selah’s and my monthly T3 linkup, Anne’s 52 Pick-me-up challenge, and Whitney’s Create 28. Thankfully and serendipitously, both Anne and Whitney called for Pattern Mixing, so they actually could be counted as one entity, but all these prompts still almost proved my undoing as I tried to wrack my brain as to how to be compliant with them all.

I’d actually already created this outfit for the latter in my attempt to trump me at my most pattern mix-y. As most of you know, I’m obsessed with print and pattern, but I’d sort of fallen into a rut. After all, there’s just so many combinations of stripes, plaids, florals, et al one can come up with before it all starts feeling rather passé.

So when I paired toile with polka dots, I practically broke my arm patting myself on the back, I was that giddy with pride. I honestly didn’t think it would work, these two patterns being so busy on their own. I’d feared I’d gone off the deep end and finally crossed the line into Crazy Town when I pulled both the top and the pants from my closet.

Color theory came to my rescue. As we all know, as long as the pieces have a color commonality, even the most outrageous pattern combos can join forces to become a harmonious whole. That the color in question here is the sedate and classic navy didn’t hurt matters either.

But what about Thoughtful Third Thursday? April Showers? A book that made me cry? Naze?! Why do I never remember my own linkup until the last minute?! To make things more complicated, I’ve been so immersed in anime that I’ve not really been reading books. (I know. Bad Maricel!)

So what’s a linkup host to do?!

Marathon watch/read a heart-rending anime, of course.


Your Lie in April or Shigatsu wa Kimo no Uso is a 22-episode coming of age drama centered around loss and redemption. You can certainly read the summary in the link given, but it doesn’t do this show justice. It’s literally a stunning piece of art, both visually and aurally, and although character development does suffer, it still succeeds in grabbing at the heart and twisting it to squeeze out every emotion possible.

When I say I teared up at  every episode, I am not hyperbolizing. And when I say I sobbed – sobbed! – at the finale, I’m talking about heaving, ugly, snot-nosed weeping. If you’ve never thought of anime but are willing to take a stab at it, this would be one I’d recommend, in native Japanese with English subtitles, of course, if only so I can selfishly share the anguish with you. Schadenfreude, right?

I could say more, but this is a style blog, not an anime otaku blog, so let’s discuss instead what’s it got to do with my outfit. Well, most school dramas are set in, well, school. And most Japanese schools require uniforms. And this navy blue blazer reminds me of my days in the Philippines attending that all-girls’ Catholic school. Granted, it’s too hot in that part of the world for blazers, and I don’t recall ever wearing one at St. Scholastica, but I’m calling this close enough.

A stretch? Perhaps. But it’s how I’m making one outfit work for three things.

And it’s the truth.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Foxcroft
Blazer – Tucker for Target
Jeans – Vanilla
Oxfords – F21

:: Grooveshark it ::
Little of Your Time – Maroon 5


11 thoughts on “T3 :: of conquering a mighty trifecta and more anime

  1. Toile has always been one of my favorite prints but, alas, the only toile garment I own is a pair of pajama pants. Come to think of it, I might not even have those anymore. Hmmm, perhaps I shall go on a Mad Hunt for toile clothing!

    • mtsedwards says:

      I wish you the best of luck in that, my friend. Toile is out of favor this season, it seems, and all my Mad Hunting resulted in loads of tapestry and couches and, come to think of fit, pajamas but very little in the realm of everyday clothing. This one was acquired from Amazon, of all places, if you wanted the exact same one. Save you the search, perhaps? 😉

  2. chessakat says:

    I love love love that shirt! And this pattern mix feels subdued to me, probably because of the similar colors – but I love it!

    Adding the show to my list of things to finally watch someday…

  3. Anne M Bray aka SpyGirl says:

    Toile and dots — a match made in Pattern Max heaven.
    You have graduated with honors.

  4. Our T3 outfits are coordinated! I ❤ your toile blouse, and I love the pattern mix. 😀

  5. Patti says:

    You conquered the trifecta – and you look mighty cool.

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