OOTD :: of Fame, the 80s and great minds thinking alike





Anyone else grow up watching the TV show Fame?

It was one of my earliest exposures to American culture and although I probably didn’t understand or fully appreciate half of the plot developments, I did enjoy the leaping and dancing and singing and posturing.

I was also enamored of that whole layered, legwarmered, dancer look – a particular brand of grunge long before true grunge came into play in the 90s. I may be mixing up my eras and my pop culture (Flashdance comes to mind), but I always equated New York with Broadway with performers with dance shoes and leggings and oversized sweaters.

Imagine my wonder when the precocious ten-year-old pulled today’s ensemble together in an almost exact creation of the one in my mind’s eye.

Yep, this is one of the two outfits Aly made for me and although I initially resisted the all black – knowing it would not be editorially pleasing nor easily photographed – I had to give it to her in the end.

Because I totally did the happy dance in this get-up. I’d forgotten how much I adore black. And leggings. And oversized things. Why have I resisted the black for so long?! Come to think of it, I haven’t featured a predominantly black outfit since I started this gig. Silly me! I definitely plan on revisiting my old standby in OOTDs to come.

Bonus points for the black (it being a color I associate closely with NYC) and for the nod to Fame, both of which make me 52 Pick-me-up compliant.

“But it’s TARDIS Tuesday!” you cry. How does this work for TARDIS Tuesday?

Well, the linkup’s tagline is British, blue or Doctor Who, and if you take note of my pendant, it’s my fave quote from Macbeth which is by Shakespeare who is British.

Yeah. It’s like that.


:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – H&M
Skirt – Boohoo
Leggings – Target
Necklace – Etsy
Flats – Kohl’s

:: Linking ::
52 Pick-me-up @ SpyGirl

:: Scream it from the top of your lungs ::
Been So Long by m-flo


10 thoughts on “OOTD :: of Fame, the 80s and great minds thinking alike

  1. If only I could have been a dancer on Broadway (which was a totally unattainable dream of mine at one point in life)…but at least I could replicate this outfit and feel like one!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Absolutely! I wanted to be a dancer as well – for all of five minutes before I realized I had the agility and coordination of a newborn gazelle. So dressing like one is as close as I’m going to get to being one.

  2. Patti says:

    Love this – I will wear it all next week in NYC (if you’ll lend it to me) : > And that is the best pendant of the day. xox

    • mtsedwards says:

      You know you’re always welcome to my wardrobe, m’dear. And does this mean you’re off to NYC again? So jealous… ;p

  3. Kezzie says:

    I’m just a SADDO with a visual memory for Doctor WHo costumes! She really did look like a cheetah person though!
    Oh and of course there IS a Whovian connection with your necklace-the Shakespeare Code- David Tennant episode the one with Love’s labours won features three witches (which the Dr implies inspired his future Macbeth) Ha!x

  4. This look is basically exactly what my college dance professor wore every day and she spent 10 years with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company in the West Village. That’s close enough to Broadway. 😉

    • mtsedwards says:

      Ha! It had slipped my mind that you were a dancer. Your commendation is especially valuable, then, because you’ve got established ethos. Funny how dancing is really not one of the skills I can call my own, being Filipino with supposedly a predisposition for dancing notwithstanding.

  5. Anne M Bray aka SpyGirl says:

    Bravura performance! Encore! Encore!
    Black IS NYC. If one wears anything but black there, one stands out like a hare in its white winter coat set in a green field.
    I’m linking my ridiculous Broadway costume because Kezzie says I can.
    BTW, I’m sure dancers are still running around the city in slouchy sweaters and tights with legwarmers because that’s what dancers wear.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Leave it to Kezzie to find a Whovian connection with the most unlikely of outfits. It’s a gift, I tell ya! Thanks for linking. I just went and linked mine to yours. Like the good ol’ days, eh? ;p

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