OOTD :: of work-appropriate shorts part deux and failed experiments




Hullo, Wordless Wednesday!

Here’s to making shorts work for work Strategy #2: go monochrome. The all-black ensemble maintains a modicum of professionalism, even if the sandals are a bit sassy.

Sadly, these shorts are tapered too much, making my non-existent hips look too existent. They were returned after this photo shoot, but I share the look with you anyway in the hope that I’ll find another, better pair of black shorts someday.

Pssst! What country inspired today’s outfit? Yesterday‘s was France, because Coco Chanel (woots to Selah!).

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Old Navy
Shorts – Old Navy
Sandals – Nordstrom Rack

:: Linking ::
52 Pick-me-up @ SpyGirl
WIWW @ The Pleated Poppy

:: Scream it from the top of your lungs ::
Every Night by Florida Georgia Line


16 thoughts on “OOTD :: of work-appropriate shorts part deux and failed experiments

  1. Kezzie says:

    Nice, nice nice nice look! They DON’T look too big,, they look super!!x

  2. stinedurfdl says:

    Those sandals are fierceness personified! My most favorite shorts are the GAP roll up boyfriend shorts, but for some insane reason they don’t come in black…

  3. Anne M Bray aka SpyGirl says:

    This quiz is too hard!!!!! Ms Edwards, may I do a project for extra credit?

    Good decision. Something softer and more flowy would be more attractive.
    For this silhouette, go with a pencil skirt.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Hahahahaha! Too cute! And extra credit only bumps up your overall grade a measly 2% max, so think harder! 😀

      I ended up going with rolled up boyfriend jeans because sans kids means dressing down.

  4. Hmm, the sandals are making me think Greece.

    I find the tapered legged Bermuda shorts unflattering to everyone – even the models on ON’s website. Maybe these instead?

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