My July…


So I gave myself a week off and it was glorious.

Then I realized not blogging actually felt like a hole in my life that begged to be filled. So, armed with Whitney‘s Create 28 Lovely Summer Looks list for the entire month of July, I hunkered down in my closet and came up with a whole July’s worth of outfits in one night.

Another three hours the following day to take pics of half of said outfits, and I’m pretty much set with some OOTDs for you all. Now whether or not I actually wear them is debatable because the husband and I are getting ready to tear this mother up apart our entire downstairs level and remodel everything, but there may be days when I need to run to Home Depot or Target to pick stuff up and it’s always good to have an outfit on hand.

I’m not feeling like writing about them, however, since I’d like to conserve my wordsmithing skills to tackle that darned novel o’ mine. It’s in serious need of a rewrite. So I hope it’s okay if I just post pics with minimal explanations/breakdowns of the ensembles’ components.

Unless there’s a story behind them. Eheh.

Anyhow, if any of you would like to join in the fun, here’s the list:

Create28 Summer Final

But because you all know I don’t normally blog over the weekends anymore, here’s my revised list:

Create28 Summer

So I’ll see you on Wednesday with the first July installment. By the way, if you’ve been missing TARDIS Tuesday, I’ve given Kezzie hosting privileges of the linkup so you can visit and link with her over there. I’ll take over when school starts in August.

Also, please excuse the photos for the first two weeks. It’s blazing hot here in the IE (that’s “Inland Empire” for all you non-SoCal folks) and there was no way I was going to brave the heat and look successfully happy in my outfits. So it’s back to the library and indoor shots, but because I’m not as familiar with the angles and distance inside, the photos aren’t as flattering as I wanted them to be.

Or maybe that’s just my bloat.



16 thoughts on “My July…

    • Awww, thanks, Whitney! I’ve been feeling really down lately because both my mom and sis commented that I was getting chunky. This makes me feel so much better all around.

    • But that’s the beauty of it – I had a month all laid out for me and all I had to do was create? I love lists and I love checking off lists – they appeal to the OCD in me. šŸ˜

  1. Oh I’m so glad you are back!!!! That challenge sounds a right marathon! Bravo to you for trying it! I hope I’m doing ok on the hosting so far, I’ll be glad when you’re back, I worry about putting people off!x

  2. Yay!
    Let’s start planning our meet-up. Fridays are good for me. They’re already filling up for July.
    I know this coming Fri is out — no way I’ll get on the freeway the Fri of a holiday.
    7/10 I’m booked.
    7/24 In Vancouver BC. Whoopieeeee.

    • Ditto on the 4th of July driving and I’m jealous of your Vancouver trip. Argh!

      The 17th looks ideal because the daughter will be in day camp and the son is old enough to be in the house by himself. At least for a few hours. Brunch sound good? Somewhere in the middle again?

      • 17th! Woohoo! Where is the best place (not here) to continue our plotting? FB? Email? Will initiate contact in both, you respond via preferred.

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