OOTD :: of a summer bright look




Because lemons are summer bright and so is chartreuse.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – Ann Taylor
Blazer – Charlotte Russe
Wedges – eBay

:: Scream it from the top of your lungs ::
Hot Mess by Cobra Starship


15 thoughts on “OOTD :: of a summer bright look

    • “Looked”? Does that mean I no longer do? J/K! I’m just taking out my feelings of fluffiness on you.

    • I do so enjoy a citrus punch, whether in fashion or in libation. ‘Tis why I infuse my watermelon juice with a spot of lime. Delish!

    • Argh! Now you make me want to Mad Hunt some strawberry prints! No, no, no! I’m breaking up with shopping this year!

    • Sadly, the fashion world doesn’t seem to agree with us. Went looking for a replacement the other day because this one fits a bit snug now, but no dice.

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