OOTD recap :: of my fave outfits of Summer 2015 and #waterlogue

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Some thoughts before I take another blog hiatus until school goes back in session on August 25:

  • Have an irony: for all that I complain about my lack of finesse with the color green, it seems that I didn’t do too shabbily with it at all, seeing as how two of my faves sport la verde.
  • I am thoroughly besotted with Waterlogue and I have the wonderful Anne @ SpyGirl to thank for a very inexpensive and yet utterly satisfying, time-sucking obsession.
  • I have officially lost the campaign against expansion. I portion controlled like a mofo; I did both brisk walking and tabata on the treadmill; I even included some resistance training with regular push-ups; I incorporated such a boatload of veggies and fruit into my diet, it’s a wonder I’ve not gone into gastrointestinal turmoil. And, full disclosure, I’m still a size 12. I don’t know whether to continue on this path and hope something miraculous happens in my favor, start my cigarettes-and-water diet all over again in a purely self-destructive attempt to punish my seemingly fruitless efforts, or just resign myself to fluffiness in my old age and bid adieu to about half my closet because the items no longer fit. Anyone wanna chime in here? (Pssst! You do realize option #2 was just facetiousness, right?)

Anyhow, that’s all she wrote, folks! See you at the end of August!



13 thoughts on “OOTD recap :: of my fave outfits of Summer 2015 and #waterlogue

  1. Kezzie says:

    Hope you have a lovely break my dear!x

    • mtsedwards says:

      Oh, I’m enjoying it immensely. Haven’t even touched technology except to clear out the spam in my inbox. All this sloth is almost making me reconsider starting up :: MCC :: again come August. 😀

  2. Val S says:

    The Waterlogue effect is so cool – I wonder if I can do that in Photoshop? Also, I just love the outfit of the chambray shirt with the blue and white skirt. Classy casual.

    I think you should slowly surrender the battle of the bulge. It’s the natural way of aging, and like Anne says, eating is more fun. My wardrobe has shrunk because my waistline hasn’t, but it’s a good excuse to buy new stuff, right?

    • mtsedwards says:

      You could do it in Photoshop but the app is so much more convenient since I take all my pics with my phone.

      Is it really the natural way of aging? So all those slim, svelte, 40+ bloggers are all just genetically blessed? I do agree that eating is fun, but I’m also noticing I like cooking more than eating but the feel obligated to eat my cooking so it doesn’t go to waste since my culinary endeavors tend to put off my family. LOL.

      • Val S says:

        Maybe that’s a good secret – cook unpalatable food! Actually, that’s worse. Then you’ll just buy things elsewhere – Cheetos, cookies, Hershey bars. And I bet those slim 40+ models are still bigger than they were when they were in their 20s.

  3. You already know that I love your pattern-mixing ensemble but I’m also really smitten with your baseball look! You hit it out of the park with Create28 this summer 🙂

    I am also not where I want to be size-wise at the moment. I’m just really working on patience and lifestyle changes. I’ve been wearing my Fitbit and counting calories (yuck). I’m also planning to do the Advocare cleanse this coming month. Maybe a cleanse would jump start some weight loss for you??

    • mtsedwards says:

      Ha! I like what you did there with the pun. I don’t think I can wear my baseball look for work unless it’s Spirit Week, but ti sure was a fun look!

      Ah, Fitbit! We have a love/hate relationship. I don’t count calories because I don’t math but I have been more aware of what I put in my body and I’ve been trying to eat at least one veggie/fruit thing every meal. I shall look into a cleanse, although studies/blog posts warn against most of them. Keep me posted on yours, k?

  4. Patti says:

    A smashing summer of great outfits. I was anorexic as a teen, and just the mention of the coffee, cigarette and diet coke regimen gives me chest pains. You look wonderful, pls. don’t stress.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Thank you, Patti, for your kind words and perspective. I guess I need to accept my body and enjoy my health, not sabotage it for the sake of clothing. I’ll plug away at my healthy eating and exercise routine and hang on to my favorite dresses. And after a year, if things remain status quo, I guess I can always sell them and find new favorite dresses.

  5. Anne M Bray aka SpyGirl says:

    I have acquiesced to squishiness. I prefer eating! Our long leisurely meal in Claremont was the best example of the European “diet” plan.
    I must see you in Artesia BEFORE the end of August! 8/7 or 8/21?

    Pro tip on the Waterlogue — choose the largest size (Giant) for better details. Facial recognition is coming in the next release, which will help too (I’m a beta tester!!!!! How cool is that?).

    • mtsedwards says:

      Let’s tentatively set it for the 21st. My kids go back on the 6th and I wanna get in a groove before making plans. Getting up early again is gonna kick my butt.

      Oooh, facial recognition! Will that just be an update or will I have to manually set it. I love that you’re a beta for this; keep giving me tips!

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