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OOTD :: of expectations, trends, and denim-on-denim




The other day, I was told that some of my former juniors (now seniors) cited this blog as one of their favorite reading choices. When asked why, they said it was because I was funny.

Ha! Moi? Funny? I know I’m wry, but funny – that’s taking it to a whole new level.

I feel simultaneously flattered and uneasy by that statement. It means several things, after all. One: my students have found the “other side” of me which is worrisome, because let’s face it – fashion still has that sort of shallow, superficial stigma attached to it. I don’t ever want this blog to undermine my authority or clout in the classroom.

Two: it means I now have a new audience to consider, and it’s an audience that may or may not peruse this blog with the same purposes as my regular readers. Coming up with copy for my pics becomes that much more pressure-riddled.

Three: I don’t think I can complain about my job anymore for fear of the rumor mill and inadvertent hurt feelings.

Four: I have to live up to that very intimidating expectation of being “funny”.


Maybe this is a sign that I need to start thinking about wrapping up this blog and this phase of my life. I’d been flirting with the idea ever since I noticed my limit for uploads nearing its max capacity, and I’d pretty much decided I didn’t need/want to throw any more money at what is essentially only a hobby. Sure, I got some freebies along the way, but not enough to justify any more extra expenses.

That said, let’s just enjoy our remaining time together and cross that bridge when we get to it. This week is Honey/Service/Loyalty over at Spy Girl’s 52 Pick-me-up linkup, and the OOTD I chose to represent this with ye ol’ tried and true denim. Next to black, it’s my go-to choice when inspiration hits a wall, and it’s served loyally (see what I did there?) every time I’m in a pinch. All those outfits that suffered from “too fussy” or “tto contrived” or “too much color” were always ultimately saved by a judicious application of denim.

Because this is me we’re talking about, though, I just can’t stand to leave well enough alone. I’ve just gotta put a twist on things, even classic things like denim. So I’m trying out the denim-on-denim trend.

I love the 70s vibe of both the fabric and the cut of both the crop top and the gauchos combined. And I love the fact that I’ve been doing this style blogger gig long enough that I don’t feel a bit ashamed or age-inappropriate that I’m following a trend.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – F21
Gauchos – eBay
Sandals – Macy’s

:: Linking ::
52 Pick Me Up @ Spy Girl

:: Scream it from the top of your lungs ::
Blank Space by Taylor Swift


OOTD :: of wistful summers and justifications




We shall return to our regularly scheduled Friday linkup with Blogging Besties next week, but this outfit was created before I could get back in sync with Whitney and Alex, so here ya go.

It’s my last gasp of summer. My wishful thinking. My nod to casual Friday. This is an eBay acquisition, a holdover from Kohl’s Designation line with Peter Som, several seasons back.

I’d eyed this dress with its whimsical postcard print forever, but couldn’t justify paying the $50+ retail price tag, even with all the discounts. I’d resigned myself to never owning one, but stumbled upon it in my size on eBay when I was Mad Hunting something else, and even though I was still practicing a religious shopping plan that dictated I only buy gently worn merch, I couldn’t pass this up, “new with tags” and all.

The way I figure it, if I bought it on eBay, it’s like buying used anyway, right?


Keep lying to yourself, Maricel…


:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – Peter Som for Kohl’s
Blazer – Nordstrom Rack
Sandals – Mossimo Supply Co.

:: Scream it from the top of your lungs ::
Gorrilla by Bruno Mars

OOTD :: of Thoughtful Thursday and great leaders




Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate and doubt, to offer a solution everybody can understand.

― Colin Powell

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – H&M
Blazer – jcp
Skirt – H&M
Pumps – Seychelles

:: Scream it from the top of your lungs ::
Just Give Me a Reason by P!nk

OOTD :: of fashion risks with gaucho pants




Hullo, Wordless Wednesday!

Thank you for the courage to try culottes/gaucho pants and not making me feel like a fool in the process. Maybe it’s the minimalist vibe of the black and white?


:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – F21
Blazer – Macy’s
Culottes – F21
Booties – F21

:: Scream it from the top of your lungs ::
Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding