OOTD :: of battling olive and winning




This week is brought to you by: “J. Crew pleated mini, striped tee, flats, leopard print, olive, and a pendant necklace”.

For your viewing pleasure, I give you: olive.

The extra bits: Olive and I are not the best of friends. It teases me with its rich, fall tones. It taunts me with its easy neutrality and ability to ply well with other colors. It dares me to wear it in full preppy J.Crew regalia.

And yet, because I am a cool winter, olive only makes me look sallow and tired. It does my skin tone no favors, unlike its jewel-toned compatriots.

So what to do when I want to wear it anyway? Well, I could just stop with my first-world problems and just be grateful I have clothes. Or, should vanity supersede humility, I could employ that tried-and-true trick of pairing an unflattering color with a flattering one close to your face. A similarly-hued skirt makes the outfit feel deliberately monochromatic, and the wedges complement the top both in color and in vibe.

I feel like a right flower child.

Vive le vendredi!


:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – eBay
Vest – Karmaloop
Skirt – F21
Wedges – Mossimo

:: Linking ::
Blogging Besties @ Whitney à la mode and Undergraduate Style
Fun Fashion Friday @ Fashion Should Be Fun

:: Scream it from the top of your lungs ::
Locked City by R.City featuring Adam Levine


6 thoughts on “OOTD :: of battling olive and winning

  1. Hooray for conquering olive! I think if you always use it as your neutral, you can add the colors that suit you better to make for a spectacular outfit! I will be expecting this skirt paired with a jewel-toned top next 🙂

  2. stinedurfdl says:

    You’re looking all casual boho chic my beautiful friend! The way you worked in the olive is fabulous…I would be so sad if olive didn’t play well with me…

    • mtsedwards says:

      I got all sorts of compliments on this outfit and it was, once again, my least favorite of the week. Funny how that happens. Even my assistant principal commented. Guess there’s just no predicting fashion…

  3. Dawn Lucy says:

    You won the battle for sure! I know what you mean though about loving a color and not having it love you back. I feel that way about pretty rusts and golds in the fall and icy pastels also … both make me look equally ill.
    Thanks for being a part of FFF & hope you’re enjoying your weekend!
    Dawn Lucy

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