Actually, it’s Aly who’s still sick. Five days with a low-grade fever and persistent cough warrants a doctor’s visit, so I’m taking my second “sick day” of the school year and it’s only September. I’m so screwed if my other kid or – heaven forbid – I get sick. I only have 8 more days left.

But, yeah. A trip to the hospital does not necessitate anything fancier than sweats and a flannel button up. I leave that image to your imagination and beg off an OOTD post for the day.


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  1. bekabeebooks says:

    Oh no! There’s definitely a lot of bugs going around. I’m on my first sick day of the school year and feel like I should definitely have lasted longer than this! It’s a bit inevitable though when kids come in to school sick. Hope Aly is better soon!

  2. Jan Graham-McMillen says:

    Poor babies … both of you! Hospital !? Yikes. Hope she’s improving, so please drop a post to reassure. Sending all the healy-vibes I can. Did you DVR the opener of Doctor Who? If I had any reservations about a very mature Doctor, they are so disappeared now! The tank and the axe and the complete shredding … we oldies but goodies need more of this kind of portrayal. We invented this cool shit!!!! I just fell completely out.
    I wish you all cooling breezes and just the right amount of rain. (And sending much gratitude for your long encouraging note … more later about that. So nice, you!)
    Get well soon, darlings.

    • mtsedwards says:

      I bought a new thermometer to make sure it isn’t just our old one messing with me. She has no temp right now but her cough is going strong. Hoping the doc gives us antibiotics to fight it. Yes, I watched the first ep. More on my thoughts in tomorrow’s post. For TARDIS Tuesday and all, ya know? Yes, we need cool breezes, especially if they don’t fix the school AC by tomorrow. I’m a total witch when I’m hot. >.<

  3. chessakat says:

    Oh man, I hope she feels better soon!

  4. Anne M Bray says:

    Aw, get better, Aly. And it’s too damn hot to wear the panda jammies. Boo.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Yep, and my sub just texted me to tell me that the AC is out in the whole school today so maybe it’s lucky I did call in today.

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