Product Review :: Diamond Professional Styling Iron

When Blair James from Irresistible Me emailed about a possible marketing collaboration with :: MCC :: I must admit, I was a bit hesitant. After all, I’d promised myself to go easy on this blogging thing and school had started and I needed to focus on my day job. Also, Blair was talking hair extensions and I need hair extensions like I need a hole in my head.

But then I saw that the company also offered hair tools. As it happened, I was in the market for a new flat iron, mine being quite old and smelling of burnt hair product every time I used it. I was actually more intrigued by the Sapphire Curler with its 8 in 1 allure, but we all know how hair inept I am; I imagined burnt fingertips or ears or neck, shuddered, and surrendered to the common sense side of me that said to stick with what’s safe. So I politely asked Blair to send the Diamond Flat Iron and went on about my business with very little in the way of expectations.

Ten days later, my package arrived, wrapped in bubble wrap on steroids. The unboxing revealed a sturdy, stunning box that looked like this:


I wish I could say I took note of the graphics on the box or even read the instructions. But, c’mon! It’s a flat iron. I got this. Luckily, I’d had my hair in a bun last night, so it was particularly wavy, slightly frizzy, and thus in the perfect condition to test drive my new toy.

I immediately snatched it out of the box, plugged it in and waited all of TEN SECONDS before the iron heated up to a lovely 300 degrees and was ready for action. Point, flat iron.

Aly demanded I allow her to straighten my hair, and since I wanted to test ease of use anyway, I left my hair in her neophyte hands. (Yes, my friends, that’s courage!) I needn’t have worried, though. She had me all “did” in literally less than five minutes, her speed and efficacy aided, I’m sure, by the iron’s SWIVEL CORD. Point, flat iron.

But now, I needed to judge for myself how this baby handled. I finished off the layers near my face and marveled at the LIGHTWEIGHT yet SOLID CONSTRUCTION. I was also impressed by how lustrous and soft my hair looked after, even without having used any thermal conditioning spray; it didn’t feel or look crisped up like it had been looking with my other iron. Two points, flat iron.


Yes, I am completely bare-faced in these pics. I was so jazzed to try the darned thing that I actually took pics for you all sans makeup. Scary, n’est-ce pas?

I tried to get a closer pic of the iron’s controls for you because how genius is it to put the power button and the temperature controls on the INSIDE of the wand so I can grip the outside as tightly and securely as I want without fear of accidentally shutting it off?

But the best I could do was get detail shots of the DIGITAL DISPLAY (perfect for my aging eyes) and the BLACK HEAT PLATES (sure to hide a multitude of product build-up). Three points, flat iron.


Heh. I just realized the iron matches my outfit. Red ftw!

So if it isn’t obvious yet, I conclude this review with my full, unadulterated endorsement of this product. After its test run, I can sincerely say that I would pay top dollar for this Irresistible Me Diamond Flat Iron. If it lasts even half as long as my old one (and we’re talking almost a decade), then it would have been worth its retail price.

My full disclosure clause compels me to tell you that I did receive this flat iron gratis, but all opinions are solely my own, and the all caps emphases are stylistic decisions that were in no way imposed by Irresistible Me. Please visit their site for more fabulous products.


5 thoughts on “Product Review :: Diamond Professional Styling Iron

  1. stinedurfdl says:

    You can’t beat a good flat iron. That’s the one and only styling tool I actually invest cash in. I went with the extensions just because I was curious. Like you, more hair was probably the last thing I needed, but wow did I love them once I got them!

  2. Maridel Dubb says:

    It’s about time you got a new flat iron! 🙂

    • mtsedwards says:

      Even better for my ADD self when the decision is taken from me. I couldn’t decide on which one to get and I’m just happy this one ended up being the perfect choice!

  3. Sounds like a great product! I am someone inept at styling my hair beyond my natural curls but I have been working on loose waves lately. I’m going to have to take a look at this curling iron you speak of.

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