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Blogging Besties :: of buffalo plaid and I gotta snap out of this angst

Last week, Alex fully rocked her red and black ensemble, weather and photo shoot snafus notwithstanding.


So this week is brought to you by: “topknot, buffalo plaid, midi skirt, strappy heels, clutch, and winter glam! ”.

For your viewing pleasure, I give you: buffalo plaid.

Image (16)Image (15)Image (14)Image (13)
The extra bits: End of first semester and big things, they are a-happenin’ in my life. I’ll refrain from boring you all with the dirty, little details since they’ll be meaningless to most anyhow. Suffice to say, never have I looked forward to retirement more than I have recently.

Insert “grrr!” face here.

My general malaise rolls over into sartorial territory, unfortunately. Alex gave me such a wonderful palette of style options last week, so I feel particularly guilty for not rising to the occasion.

Because how adorable would a TARDIS blue midi tulle skirt have been paired with this buffalo plaid knotted at the waist with some camel peep-toe stilettos and a sparkly statement necklace thrown in the mix? And it’s not as if I had weather woes plaguing me, what with our SoCal climes falling at most into the low 60s this week. (Yeah, yeah, I know. Don’t rub it in!)

But general malaise is a brutal mistress, so all you get from me this Blogging Besties turn around is more of my same old, same old M.O. – dress down casual that teeters on the brink of almost too cheeky and cavalier to be work appropriate. Even my attempt at a topknot (see first pic) is underwhelmingly haphazard, to say the least.

Thank Buddha a blazer elevates any outfit, right? And although my fave Macbeth quote immortalized on a pendant pretty much sums up my current state of affairs, at least I summoned up enough wherewithal to accessorize.

For Selah’s outing next week, then, I leave her with: layers, monochrome, or a literary-inspired accessory.

Vive le vendredi!

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Buffalo plaid top – Old Navy
Blazer – Gap via Poshmark
Jeans – F21
Shoes – Chucks aka Converse

:: Scream it from the top of your lungs ::
Breakable by Ingrid Michaelson


Blogging Besties :: Top Knot

Last week, Whitney looked ultra-cool and casual in her all-neutrals outfit.
I especially loved her pretty top knot. Since the sock bun (or the shame puff, as some on the Interwebs would call it) is one of my favorite hairstyles, I chose to pass on that element in my own outfit! I think a sock bun/top knot looks especially cool with fancy, glam outfits–it is elegant while keeping the hair up and out of the way to show off fun, feminine details (like my necklace in the outfit below.) 
Folks, I had such big plans for this outfit. The juxtaposition of masculine and feminine! The midi skirt! THE WINTER GLAM! I laid it out the night before, spent all this time getting ready to shoot the outfit, but once I got outside to take photos, I met the front end of a snowstorm. So despite my best efforts, the ice started sticking to everything–most importantly, the camera lens (and it messed up my bangs, to boot.) Once I went to look at the photos on my computer, I realized that most of the photos were unusable because of the snowflakes on the lens. I thought about trashing all the photos and starting from scratch with a new outfit tomorrow, but I liked this outfit so much that I decided to just use this one photo I salvaged and leave it at that. So, never mind my wonky bangs and ice spots and just enjoy the outfit! 😀
For Maricel next week, the elements of this outfit are: topknot, buffalo plaid, midi skirt, strappy heels, clutch, and winter glam! 

Shirt: Old Navy (similarsimilarsimilar)
Skirt: Forever XXI (similarsimilarsimilar)
Heels: BCBG Maxazria via TJ Maxx (similarsimilarsimilar)
Necklace: J. Crew (similarsimilarsimilar)

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Blogging Besties :: Chucks

Selah looked sporty yet feminine in last week’s outfit:

She gave me the option of passing-on masculine/feminine, a bomber jacket, a fit and flare dress, fuchsia or white Chucks (or Converse as I usually call them)!
I attempted to pass-on both the fuchsia and the Chucks but the outfit just wasn’t coming together.  Then I decided to fall back on a few of my favorite, classic pieces…including the Chucks!
I’ve you’ve spent any time at Whitney à la mode you know that I love a good black and white striped shirt.  This vest has also been in my closet for years and I still love its muted purple color as much as the day I bought it.  These two pieces + my trusty over-sized pearl earrings + boyfriend jeans + Chucks made for a super easy, comfy and classic look!
If you aren’t a Converse convert yet, I would highly recommend buying a pair!  They take your average comfy outfit and make it sharper and more put-together.  Plus they have various colors and styles to choose from!
By the way, my hair is finally (barely) long enough to wear a top knot!  I’m so darn excited!
Up next week in our Blogging Besties series is Alex!  Here are the pieces she has to choose from: a topknot, pearls, a striped shirt, a vest, boyfriend jeans, or Chucks…or a pet photobomb!
Meet Blu, my boyfriend’s dog!

What I’m Wearing:
Shirt: Banana Republic (similar, similar)
Earrings: Macy’s (similar)
Vest: Eddie Bauer (similar)
Jeans: Old Navy (exact)
Converse: DSW (exact)

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Blogging Besties :: Favorite Jacket

Last time, Maricel was adorable in skinny jeans and a Fair Isle print.

She gave me the prompts: “skinny jeans, furry boots, striped top, Fair Isle pattern, or favorite jacket.” While I love the skinny jeans and furry boots combo, it’s been in the 70s in the Southeast! So, I grabbed my favorite lightweight jacket instead (the striped sleeves that match Maricel are a bonus!).

image image

Up next week, Whitney can choose from: Masculine / feminine, bomber jacket, fit & flare dress, fuchsia, and white Chucks.

Dress: Old Navy (similar)
Jacket: Old Navy (similar)
Sneakers: Target (exact)
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