Blogging Besties :: of buffalo plaid and I gotta snap out of this angst

Last week, Alex fully rocked her red and black ensemble, weather and photo shoot snafus notwithstanding.


So this week is brought to you by: “topknot, buffalo plaid, midi skirt, strappy heels, clutch, and winter glam! ”.

For your viewing pleasure, I give you: buffalo plaid.

Image (16)Image (15)Image (14)Image (13)
The extra bits: End of first semester and big things, they are a-happenin’ in my life. I’ll refrain from boring you all with the dirty, little details since they’ll be meaningless to most anyhow. Suffice to say, never have I looked forward to retirement more than I have recently.

Insert “grrr!” face here.

My general malaise rolls over into sartorial territory, unfortunately. Alex gave me such a wonderful palette of style options last week, so I feel particularly guilty for not rising to the occasion.

Because how adorable would a TARDIS blue midi tulle skirt have been paired with this buffalo plaid knotted at the waist with some camel peep-toe stilettos and a sparkly statement necklace thrown in the mix? And it’s not as if I had weather woes plaguing me, what with our SoCal climes falling at most into the low 60s this week. (Yeah, yeah, I know. Don’t rub it in!)

But general malaise is a brutal mistress, so all you get from me this Blogging Besties turn around is more of my same old, same old M.O. – dress down casual that teeters on the brink of almost too cheeky and cavalier to be work appropriate. Even my attempt at a topknot (see first pic) is underwhelmingly haphazard, to say the least.

Thank Buddha a blazer elevates any outfit, right? And although my fave Macbeth quote immortalized on a pendant pretty much sums up my current state of affairs, at least I summoned up enough wherewithal to accessorize.

For Selah’s outing next week, then, I leave her with: layers, monochrome, or a literary-inspired accessory.

Vive le vendredi!

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Buffalo plaid top – Old Navy
Blazer – Gap via Poshmark
Jeans – F21
Shoes – Chucks aka Converse

:: Scream it from the top of your lungs ::
Breakable by Ingrid Michaelson


5 thoughts on “Blogging Besties :: of buffalo plaid and I gotta snap out of this angst

  1. I think you look wonderful, but I completely understand about the malaise. Hope things are better soon!

  2. sandypatti says:

    Sorry about all the crappy things hitting your life! Hope there is sunshine soon, and I think you look fab in your casual wardrobe – authentic and adorable. xox


  3. Val S says:

    Hi, Maricel! Haven’t stopped by for awhile. Sorry to hear you’re in a slump, but I wouldn’t know it to look at you. Of course, I love a good blazer outfit, and the buffalo plaid looks great with the jacket and jeans and Chucks. And yes, a Tardis tulle skirt would be fab too! I like your glasses – are they new?

    How’s your book coming? Did you finish it? A bestseller would bring retirement all that much closer. 😉

  4. Hope things get better soon.

    I got eight years to go and I am done with my teaching days,

  5. chessakat says:

    I miss you!!!! Sorry things are so malaise-y. 😦 Hoping for things to pick up and turn aoround for you sooooon.

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