Blogging Besties :: of Agent Carter and the 1940s

Well, hullo, hullo, my little duckies!

Last week, Alex looked utterly charming in her professional ensemble:


So this week is brought to you by: “stripes, blazer, navy, statement jewelry, tights, and wedges”.

For your viewing pleasure, I give you: stripes, a blazer, navy, and statement jewelry.

Image (20)

Image (21)

Image (18)

Image (22)

In the month since we last saw each other, several monumental things happened that led to my current fashion metamorphosis:

  1. I caught the pernicious bug that’s been going around. It laid me out flat for six days, the most I’ve ever been out from work in the eighteen years I’ve been teaching.
  2. I was so weak that I didn’t leave my bed in those six days – not even to eat.
  3. But my mind was strong, if my body was not, so to keep from going stir crazy, I ended up watching the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) franchise in perfect order. (Yes, even especially the TV shows.)

And as I plowed through superheroes and epic battles and aliens and high-tech gadgetry, the one character that captivated my imagination was the indomitable Peggy Carter. Originally set up to be Captain America’s beau in the first Cap film, Peggy ended up being such a strong lead in her own right that they granted her her own TV show.

Binge watching the brilliant but woefully underrated and under-advertised Agent Carter made me long for the days of yore. It didn’t hurt that Hayley Atwell, who plays the titular role, is stunning and dominates the scene every time she’s on screen, and that the show’s costume designer, Giovanna Ottobre-Melton, has an impeccable sense of style.

So of course, when I was finally well enough to function, I went balls out. I created a Big Band station on Pandora. I researched and subsequently made lunches based off 1940s menus. I forced myself to learn how to use a curling iron so I could do a proper – if haphazard – 1940s ‘do. I painted my nails a shameless scarlet and even bought the exact shade of lipstick Peggy uses on the show.

And – surprise, surprise! – I scoured Poshmark and eBay for any and every conceivable piece that would give me a brand-new vintage wardrobe sans the vintage price. After some careful shopping and some serious re-evaluation of my current closet, I can proudly say that I have enough pieces to keep me retro happy until the end of the school year.

How perfect, then, that Alex’s fashion prompts coincided with one of my 40s outfits. I tried to work the filters to show you that the suit really is navy – it photographed quite dark in the light I had available – and I took a close-up so you can see the blazer‘s clever use of sharp, detailed stripes (almost chevron-like in the placement, doncha think?). The statement necklace is a newly-acquired St. Jude medal. I purchased it when I realized I’d never be able to find an exact replica of Peggy’s Carter family crest pendant, so I chose something that would be more personal and meaningful to me. Much more appropriate for everyday wear and less cosplay-esque, right? And at least I got the earrings pretty darned close.

Anyhow, Selah’s challenge for next week is comprised of the following: pearl earrings, silk, tassels, or red.

Vive le vendredi!

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Silk top – Dialogue via Poshmark
Suit – Tahari
Tasseled loafers – Born via Poshmark

:: Scream it from the top of your lungs ::
Mambo Italiano by Rosemary Clooney




8 thoughts on “Blogging Besties :: of Agent Carter and the 1940s

  1. sandypatti says:

    Oh yes that suit! And hair, and nails and . . . every part of this new look! I am leaning more towards Jessica Jones now – jeans, tee, jacket – but without her fabulous facial structure. xox


  2. Okay, so this is throwing me, but I’ll come up with something!
    Have you ever gotten around to watching Broadchuch? James D’Arcy, who plays Mr. Jarvis, is in the 2nd season as a tough, blue collar murder suspect. He’s terrifying (and sexy, if you can get past the terror). I’m incredibly impressed with his acting chops!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Ah, so sorry; I didn’t mean to be difficult. But you MUST own something red, right? Or something silky? Perhaps, weather and life permitting, you could do something with your Marilyn shirt? It’s got that graphic with the super red lips popping out.

      And no, after watching Gracepoint, I felt no desire to watch Broadchurch, even if Tennant was allowed his accent (that always threw me – his American accent in GP). But with the addition of D’Arcy, well… ;p

      Must do some imdb research; I hear he and Hayley Atwell are super close so they must have worked together in other things.

      • Ah, I don’t have any actual silk, but silky I can do. We’ll see.

        I know they were in Mansfield Park together. The 2007 version starring Billie Piper. It’s not at all faithful to Austen’s book, but it’s still a decent flick.

        • mtsedwards says:

          Ooooh! Okay, I’ll check that out! Don’t you love how British “Hollywood” is so much smaller than America’s which means they use their stable of actors and actresses more frequently and in many different combinations? Agent Carter and Doctor Who folk in one movie? Brilliant!

  3. chessakat says:

    Agent Carter is our FAVE!!!! We’re watching Season Two right now and loving it. You do her proud with your ensemble! Seriously, you could totally cosplay her, wow! So fun.

    Glad you’re feeling better! ❤

    • mtsedwards says:

      Hullo, hullo, Chessa! I’m glad to see that we still coincide with our fangirl tastes! Yes, Agent Carter is phenomenal and it breaks my heart that I think they’re not going to renew her after this season. God, humanity! Why do reality shows exist and shows with stellar writing do not?! But thanks for the compliment – cosplay, huh? That’s high praise indeed! I think it’s the lipstick that makes the outfit, though. ;p

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