Blogging Besties :: A Cozy Scarf and Riding Boots

Blogging Besties is a weekly series featuring Whitney of Whitney à la mode, Alex of Undergraduate Style, Maricel of ::My Closet Catalogue:: and Selah of A Bibliophile’s Style.  Each week, one of the bloggers will choose one component from the previous week’s outfit to pass on in a brand new look.  This “take one, pass it on” challenge is an inspiration to stretch your closet and your imagination!


Last week, Alex made me long for fall with her autumnal-colored ensemble.


Thank goodness the weather has finally turned here in SoCal. Because…

This week is brought to you by: “pumpkin orange, a cozy scarf, lace, and riding boots”.

And for your viewing pleasure, I give you: a cozy scarf and riding boots.


You don’t even know how long I’ve been waiting for sweater weather! What with our (California’s) drought and our (my family’s) running the A/C well into double-digit months and my getting all fired up with work drama, I desperately needed a cooling off down period.

What better way to celebrate that much-anticipated chill in the air than with proper fall attire? Huzzah for OTK boots and oversized, Mr. Rogers-esque cardigans with iconic elbow patches. Hip, hip, hooray for plaid prints and wooly infinity scarves.


I also feel that this outfit brings me back to my roots. It’s almost as if I’ve come full circle in this wild ride I call my adventure into the blogoverse. When I began my style blog, I was trying to find my “fashion voice” and I still fell back on my de rigeur uniform of button-up shirts and boots whenever I found myself straying into unfamiliar/uncomfortable territory.

Multiple trends (bubble necklaces, tulle skirts, and blanket scarves, anyone?) and hundreds of dollars later, it’s almost a relief to realize that what I started off with really is my signature style.

Don’t I just look so relaxed and comfortable in my own skin?


I’m still a retro diva, but I feel that persona only comes out in the warmer months. I’m also still sewing and have loads of hand-crafted items to show off, many of them of the retro persuasion.

But for right now, when the smell of petrichor and pine is in the air, let’s indulge me and my “casual Friday” outfits, wot?

For Selah’s turn next week, I challenge her to the following: camel, plaid or a throwback look.

Vive le vendredi!

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Mossimo Supply Co.
Cardi – Forever 21
Scarf – eBay
Jeans – Aeropostale
Boots – Rue 21

:: Scream it from the top of your lungs ::
The Run and Go by Twenty One Pilots



5 thoughts on “Blogging Besties :: A Cozy Scarf and Riding Boots

  1. Val S says:

    Maricel, it’s been so long! I just read Patti’s post about the presumed death of style blogging, and read your comment and wondered how you’ve been. I love your outfit here and daring OTK boots. It’s interesting that you say you’ve come full circle since starting to blog. I found that I did a lot of experimenting when I was blogging, and it didn’t always feel like me. Now I’ve reverted to comfy clothes and elastic waistbands since I don’t have to go in to an office!

    Anyway, I hope you’re well and enjoying some cooler weather there. (I had to look up petrichor – trust you to have that word at your command.) Life in the UK is good – lots of exploring and fabulous sites to see. Lots of pics on Instagram (@musefondue) and a short-short story on the blog (written right after the election). Cheerio!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Indeed. Too long. But if I was truly honest, I have to admit that a lot of my blogsence (blog absence) has been due to Facebookitis. Being part of a larger style community simply drained me and made my life seem small and boring and insignificant in comparison. I wasn’t hip and trendy enough to keep up with the young ‘uns and I wasn’t classy and comfortable in my skin enough to feel like a genuine part of the “women of a certain age” set.

      And coming up with outfits every day plus photographing them began to take on a rather insipid cast.

      I'd actually been meaning to shoot you an email, congratulating you on living my Anglophile dream and also to pick your brain about your rebranding. I was around at the inception of "Muse Fondue" and if you've noticed, I actually have changed the name of this blog. I wanted to make the current name match the URL but haven't figured out how to do so without losing what meagre readership I've got. Advice?

      • Val S says:

        I know exactly what you mean about ‘style’ blogging – I started to feel kind of silly doing selfies, and then lost my inspiration. Plus, it was time-consuming to read and comment on other blogs all the time. There are just a few people I keep up with, but mostly on Instagram.

        To tell you the truth, I didn’t notice your name change! Bloglovin still shows it as My Closet Catalogue. Very clever of you to use the same initials. When I changed my blog name, I started a completely new blog, new address. Then I just ran several posts on the old one directing people to the new blog. I don’t know how you would change the URL for WordPress.

  2. ellemem says:

    Love the look!

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