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September 7, 2017: Family, Friendship, and Fandom!

If any of my readers are even remotely sci-fi inclined, please help us out! Go on Twitter and make some noise! We need Dark Matter to finish its story in 2 more seasons! Syfy channel is a bust, but maybe Netflix can pick us up?!

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So I’ve been taking meetings with various production companies, looking ahead to my next project (hopefully not for another two years) and when the conversation turns to Dark Matter, the response from those I’ve met has been bewilderment and sympathy.  Solid ratings, a strong creative and modest licensing fee should have translated to a pickup and yet…

It’s strangely comforting to know that news of Dark Matter’s cancellation has left even industry insiders perplexed.

Upon further reflection, I think one of the issues may have been the rebranding. As I’ve already mentioned, the new slate of shows the network announced run to darker, more paranormal fare which is the opposite of our fun-focused SF series. Also, at the end of the day, beyond the action, adventure, shootouts and dazzling visual effects, Dark Matter is, at its heart, really about one thing: family.  It was the theme at the core of…

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