Common Threads Challenge :: California Casual/Bohemian

Hullo, and welcome to the Common Threads Challenge and my second batch of outfits!

If you haven’t already done so, hop on over to join our private Facebook group, post your outfits on IG and use the hashtag #commonthreadschallenge, or just link up using the blue froggy.

Many ways to participate and have fun! But let’s get on with the show…

This is a look that is grounded in a time and place that may never have existed outside of our collective imagination: the tawny, golden-edged Malibu of the ’70s – possibly embodied by Farrah Fawcett in a white halter dress at sunset, glass of wine in hand…  [I]t is the combination of dreamy sexuality and surfer-girl vitality that makes this look [California Casual] so distinct – and so distinctly American.


That…high-low mesh of earthy and flashy is key to the Bohemian look. It’s all about wearing rich pieces capriciously – frayed jeans and ornate jewelry, rough-hewn sandals with a delicate dress.


The second week of October found me reveling in the comfort and ease of my chosen themes. For Monday, a simple peasant blouse and gladiator wedges transformed black trousers from board room to boardwalk beach cool.


On Tuesday, the black blazer got equally downgraded when styled with a light, breezy chiffon sundress.


On Wednesday, the classic white button-up hinted at themes to come with knee-high boots, but managed to retain this week’s Cali casual/Bohemian vibe when paired with an oversized sweater coat.


On Thursday, the Breton tee got a bit of ye ole pattern mixing treatment with my fave floral kimono which kept it relatively theme-compliant and I also opted for my driving moccasins to complete the look.


On Friday, skinny jeans gets a true Cali makeover with a boyfriend cardi, boat shoes, and a pseudo op-art top that used to be a peplum but I ripped the elastic out and transformed it into a more flowy tunic to keep up with my ever-changing body.

So how did my pieces do with this week’s theme? Did you like this styling better than last week’s? Let me know by commenting below…


3 thoughts on “Common Threads Challenge :: California Casual/Bohemian

  1. Caroline says:

    Love all these looks! I think my favorite is the black blazer + yellow dress–such a perfect combine of structure and flowy!

  2. I so love that you have gone with a theme! Maybe I should have done that?? I’ve been going strong this whole time but I suddenly have no idea what I’m going to wear tomorrow! I’ve hit a wall!

  3. LOVE that striped shirt with the floral kimono! So pretty!

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