Common Threads Challenge :: Rock ‘n Roll/Androgyny

Hullo, and welcome to the Common Threads Challenge and my third batch of outfits!

If you haven’t already done so, hop on over to join our private Facebook group, post your outfits on IG and use the hashtag #commonthreadschallenge, or just link up using the blue froggy.

Many ways to participate and have fun! But let’s get on with the show…

The essentials of rock style are no big mystery: jeans and leather pants, a boyish biker jacket, some wicked-looking Portobello Road boots.  But it’s all a matter of combining these with a lot of slink and style and balancing the tough with the ethereal, the strict with the sensuous.


The third week of October was probably my most favorite because rock ‘n roll. That’s my jam. My default style niche. I guess I’m just a frustrated roadie at heart.

For Monday, a Basquiat blouse overlaid with a structured vest and completed by a pair of Chucks made my black trousers Panic! at the Disco concert worthy.


On Tuesday, the black blazer got the rock ‘n roll treatment with knee-high stiletto boots and a quintessential black tee (nerded it up, though, with Doctor Who rather than the expected band tee).


Speaking of Doctor Who, on Wednesday, the classic white button-up got the 10th Doctor treatment with yet another vest, casually loosened tie, striped trousers and a pair of Doc Marten oxfords. (I always did maintain that 10 had that rocker vibe, even if 12 was the one with the electric guitar).


On Thursday, the Breton tee stumped me for a rock ‘n roll/androgyny vibe, so I went a bit rogue and did gamine by pairing it with white capris, ankle-tie espadrilles and a classic trench. (Hey, at least the trench gives the ensemble a Sam Spade masculinity.)


On Friday, skinny jeans was a must to complete this very casual – perhaps too casual? – foray into androgyny. I borrowed my son’s Foo Fighters tee, but the plaid and Chucks are all my own. It’s the first time I’ve ever put all these elements together and it made my daughter exclaim, “Mom, you look just like Stiles on Teen Wolf!” I have no idea if that’s a bad thing or a good thing, but I think, at the very least, Stiles is a male character so I stayed true to my weekly theme. ;p

So how did my pieces do with this week’s theme? Did you like this styling better than last week’s? Let me know by commenting below…


2 thoughts on “Common Threads Challenge :: Rock ‘n Roll/Androgyny

  1. Have I ever mentioned how cool you are?? Teach me your ways!

  2. Caroline says:

    Those over the knee boots are awesome! Love the Breton/trench combo too.

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