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5 Things :: of loving my body

Several posts ago, I’d made a cheeky reference to my arm flaps, much to my best blogging buddy’s chagrin (I’m sorry, Selah!) and to make up for my egregious self-flagellation, I give you the 5 Things I love about my body:

1. My hair – I dunno if it’s the cut or the hair itself, but I swear to you that I never fix it. I hardly ever comb it either. I literally wash it every other night, towel dry it, then go to bed. When I wake up, I run my fingers through it and away I go. And now that I’ve buckled and got a bit of color in it to add more visual interest, I love it even more.

2. My calves – I think I’ve mentioned them before in passing, but I truly feel blessed with excellent calf genes. To use a dated weight lifting reference, I can literally “blow up my calves” simply by walking a few miles each day on the treadmill. I get that lovely V cut that is emphasized every time I wear heels, and the shape and musculature of them is almost da Vinci-like, if I do say so myself.

3. My ankles – Following along the lines of my calves (literally and figuratively), I must give a shout out to my lovely ankles. They’re slim and tapering and when I wear the proper footwear (i.e. stilettos) I feel like a gracefully gamboling gazelle. No wonder the Victorians practically swooned at the sight of a well-turned ankle.

4. My chin – I’ve been looking at profiles a lot lately. Perhaps it’s because I find myself in more than my fair share of stultifying meetings and all I can do to amuse myself is people watch. And I’ve realized that, much as I complain about inheriting my dad’s “jowls”, I do have a strong, prominent, jutting chin because of it. Most people don’t. And most people look rather weak and insignificant from a side view because of this lack. (Forgive the sudden “Mean Girl” eruption; it’s been one of those weeks.)

5. My shoulders – I complain about them a lot, but when I actually respect them and consider them and purchase clothes that accommodate them, they are a force to be reckoned with. They’re even more powerful when I stop slouching and thrust my chest out like my mom taught me but which I’d given up doing in my youth because it’s not cool to have good posture. I really do need to listen to my mom, don’t I?

Week in review - Marigold a-multiplyin'!

Week in review – Marigold a-multiplyin’!

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5 Things :: grassroots campaigning

It’s election year (at least so the Social Studies teachers tell me; I’m woefully current events inept due to my propensity for fictional drama on TV as opposed to newscasts and I might as well surrender my liberal teacher card since I don’t do NPR).

And in honor of this, I would like to put forth my important, albeit selfish, requests to the Powers that Be. In no particular order:

  1. Get rid of Daylight Savings Time. Because we are no longer an agrarian nation and I hate losing that hour of sleep in the spring, even if I do gain in back in the fall. I’d rather not gain than have to lose.
  2. Tax junk food. I’m doing a mandatory unit right now and one of the readings is this article and I am thoroughly persuaded.
  3. End compulsory education at 8th grade. Then make kids take a serious aptitude test to determine their next education steps. If it be a trade, then so be it. If it be in academia, then hallelujah. College should not be the end all-be all of life.
  4. Require parenting classes. Not as a punitive measure, but as a learning process. And mandate it at each formative stage of a child’s life. If I, as a teacher, have to complete professional development training to keep fresh and invigorated, why not parents? I’d love to take classes on how to teach my daughter not to be a mean girl or how to communicate with my pre-teen son beyond grunting.
  5. This is more for my local government, but c’mon, California! Let’s get with the program and gimme a tax-free weekend already! I’m no economist, but I’m betting one weekend won’t kill businesses and would actually encourage consumption. I’d be happy if it was only for back-to-school items and technology, although clothes and shoes would be great too.


Week in review - Not so much "animal" and more reds and blacks and whites. Odd, that.

Week in review – Not so much “animal” and more reds and blacks and whites.

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5 Things :: from the geekery

So my sis is in town from Boston and we’re probably gonna party hard and I can’t be bovvered thinking of five clever things if/when I’m hungover. For this week’s 5 Things feature, then, I give you bits and bites from The Geekery, my Pinterest board of cool (mostly Doctor Who) shite.

Because I’m a lazy arse like that.

Fantastic! Brilliant! Cool!

Catch phrases. Wonder what 12’s will be? Or has it already happened and I missed it?


"Fantastic!" "Allons-y!" "Geronimo!" ||| Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Doctors

Catch phrases part deux.


Last lines. | Did anyone else notice Matt looking directly at the camera as he said, "I will always remember when the Doctor was me" ....? Yeah. Just thought I'd accidentally make everything hurt even worse..... sorry.

Last lines. I must admit, I do love 9’s the best, although 11’s is so poignantly bittersweet.


Only the most important females ever.

Nu Who Companions. How many say Rory needs to be here too?


And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is why I prefer the man with two hearts and a sonic screwdriver.

Because all kinds of YES.



Week in review – My fandoms in all their glory!

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5 Things :: my walk of shame

So here’s the damage: 5 items from the Target/Altuzarra collab that ended up finding a home in my closet. For good or for ill, they’re here to stay because the promo stipulated a 14-day return policy and I’m way beyond that time limit.

When 50 Dresses is over, you can be sure I’ll be styling these goodies within an inch of their lives.

Altuzarra for Target Python Pencil Skirt- Natural


Altuzarra for Target Jacquard Pencil Skirt- Black


Altuzarra for Target Satin Orchid Print Oxford Shirt- Navy


Altuzarra for Target Velvet Blazer- Ruby Hill


Altuzarra for Target Button Down Dress- Black


September grand total: approximately $225 with tax. If I kept with my original budget of $250 a month, this is actually pretty good for me. But if I’m going with my new budget of $150, then this month was a total bust. Of course, I wasn’t supposed to be spending anyway at this time, so it’s already a bust, but as Patti says, life’s too short for recriminations so I’m just gonna call this a wash.


Week in review – Prints and patterns and trends; oh, my!

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