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Surprise Sunday :: of my Lilly Pulitzer for Target adventure

I’ve been excited about this collection since it was announced last year – even had the launch date scheduled on my phone – and I stayed up till midnight to see if I could score some items from this collab and not have to go to the brick and mortar.

Yeah, right.

It’s all over the news, but suffice to say, after spinning wheels of death and items that refused to add to cart, and after fifteen minutes of fruitless attempts and “out of stock online” messages, I gave up and planned to just hit my brick and mortar later in the day.

Sadly, though, I really wanted this dress, but since it was only sold online and then, of course, since it was sold out immediately, I lowered my expectations and took on a “c’est la vie” attitude about the whole thing.

I was also pretty hopeful that I’d get at least one item for my Target/designer collab collection because Fontana/Inland Empire is not the fashion mecca of anything; I figured my local Target was gonna be tame in comparison to other locations. So I surrendered to sleep, trusting my alarm to wake me up in the a.m.

Here are my thoughts as I sat in the parking lot, thumbing away at my iPhone:

7:40 at my local Target store the day of the Lilly Pulitzer launch and there are two other women in cars waiting for the store to open. I want to look at them with friendly camaraderie and I’m hoping they aren’t eBay vultures come to swoop everything in every size. I’ve forgotten my water bottle and my coffee mug and I haven’t put on my face. My husband thought I was crazy getting up this early – for me – on a Sunday but still managed to wish me luck when I left.

If things get ugly, I have to just remind myself of the Altuzarra collection and how I bought scads of it at full price and still have items with tags on them. Eventually, these pieces will find themselves on deep discount somewhere and I’ll pick things up there and not debase myself in the store today. Granted, it being Lilly Pulitzer, it’ll probably be years before we see items on the resale racks at a decent price à la Missoni, but the patient person will be rewarded.

Ok, three more cars pulled up and it’s now 7:45. Like wild animals, we don’t make eye contact but exchange side glances instead. I so want to size up the competition but I’m a bit embarrassed. One lady is in the car with her husband and kids eating breakfast. Oh! Another lady actually got out of her car to stand in front of the store! What should I do? Should I get out too? Maybe if I friend people standing there, we’ll all play nice? I can only hope.

Ok, here I go…

7:50. Six ladies standing in front of the store now, and all is quiet. Three are fairly young and look like they won’t wear my size.

7:55. Twelve people in front of the store and everyone seems friendly. One girl is in a CAL sweatshirt and she and I struck up a fab convo. Convivial all around.

[The store opened at this point and we trooped in. We all tried to look casual, especially since we’d exchanged pleasantries just moments ago, but there was a bit of a “fast walk” to the Lilly Pulitzer area. Luckily, I’m a fast scoper. I knew exactly what I wanted and grabbed them all in my size, crossing my fingers that they were true to size (they were!). I was actually the first one in the dressing room, and although I didn’t take any store selfies, I managed to gauge and judge and decide within minutes.]

Didn’t go for the purses. Didn’t even try for the accessories. Scored some fun stuff that will have to go under home scrutiny. Done in 27 minutes.

Okay, so here’s what I brought home and my thoughts about them:

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Women's V-Neck Tank Top - Nosie Posey

The bodice was too low and the cut around the chest was too tight with a bra. Going up a size just made me look pregnant, so I kept the Large, thinking I’d just wear a cami to solve both the low bodice and too-tight with bra problem. Back home, Aly said it made me look like I bought a dress that was three sizes too small.


Lilly Pulitzer for Target Women's Button Down Shirt - Nosie Posey

This was actually the one piece I really wanted, after the satin dress of the same print. And it was also still available for sale online when I checked before I went to the store. However, it ended up being a disappointment. The 100% cotton fabric was thin, scratchy and stiff. The Large and XLarge were too tight across the shoulders but the XXL, although fine across the shoulders, was too blousy everywhere else. Took the XXL home anyway, thinking I’d shrink it, but then Aly said the print coupled with the collar and the gold buttons just looked too busy. Trying to tame it down with completer pieces just hid the fun print and made it feel like a not-so-special piece.


Lilly Pulitzer for Target Women's Halter Top - Sea Urchin for You

This was an impulse grab. I hadn’t planned on looking at this at all because it doesn’t look all that cute on the model. In person, however, this tank is fun, flirty and has that neckline that makes my shoulders look amazing. The minute I put it on, I fell in love. I took it home and threw a white blazer over it to make it school appropriate and fell in love even more. The rayon fabric will require a bit of extra care, but I think it’s worth it.


Lilly Pulitzer For Target Pictures | POPSUGAR Fashion

I didn’t think this would work because I am not a tube top kind of person because reasons. But I was so pleasantly surprised by the quality and construction. This treasure of a dress has a built-in shelf bra, super supportive yet comfortable elastic, and the most forgiving jersey material that skims rather than clings. And when I threw on my favorite pair of wedges, it was the perfect length on my fun-sized frame. I got this in a Large and it’s just absolutely perfect. And since I returned the other two items in this print, this was a total no-brainer of a purchase.


Lilly Pulitzer For Target Pictures | POPSUGAR Fashion

Another impulse grab. I thought it was a maxi dress and when I realized it was a jumpsuit, I was all set to hate it because rompers don’t look good on me normally. My short, non-existent torso doesn’t allow for them. But then…pockets! And then…palazzo! And it’s just so…green! And Aly said it made me look tall and slim. And I don’t own a romper/jumpsuit, so…yeah. This is the priciest of the bunch and I’ll still have to pay to get it hemmed, but it rounds out all the Lilly prints I wanted so it came home to stay.


Overall, I think this collection was really pretty solid. The construction and detail was exquisite and the sizing was spot on.

I was unimpressed with the shift dresses because the fabric was stiff and unforgiving to the touch. I didn’t even bother trying any of them on. And I wish I’d been able to at least try on the satin tunic dress, in any of the prints. That said, the other fabrics felt rich and substantial for the most part and the prices were uber reasonable, especially considering the designer.

I am not a beachy sort of person, but I think I’ll be rocking the looks I did keep in my own way and I’m actually much happier with this collection than with Altuzarra.

Definitely a Sunday morning well worth waking up for.

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Breaking down the budget :: November 2014

Target $40

Target $40

Old Navy total – $140

So I bought a helluva lot more than this, but I stopped cataloguing out of guilt so let’s just say I gave myself early Christmas presents from eBay and let it go.

I also hadn’t expected to take a week hiatus from blogging during Thanksgiving break, nor did I anticipate eliminating altogether my weekend posts after I’d already scheduled this. So when I woke up this morning and found this posted, I was a bit under-prepared. This was a post-dated entry that should’ve been trashed.

Oh, well.

Perhaps I’ll do a follow up post tomorrow to show you the rest of my haul for full disclosure. Hope everyone had a grand holiday and I’ll see you all on Monday.

Breaking down the budget :: October 2014

Here’s my haul for the month of October. Since I’ve not really decided on a budget yet ($150? $200? $250?), I’m thinking $251.65 is pretty good, especially considering my Caesar-like excesses of the past.

That said, I suppose I could’ve been even more under budget had I not made that last-minute eBay purchase of that Kirna Zabete dress or that Libertine blazer. Those two items really put me over the top. My only defense is that I went into panic mode when both my Libertine dress and my Kirna Zabete ended up being to snug on me and, rather than simply vowing to cut out sweets for a bit and lose the weight, I decided to replace them with new pieces.

What some of you may not know is that I obsessed over Target/designer collab pieces this past summer. I Wiki-ed them all, and then, going all the way back to 2006, I Mad Hunted so I at least owned one item per collection. Some were pretty easy to acquire and cost me mere pennies (thank you, thredUp!) but others were more challenging and/or more pricey. It didn’t help that the earlier collabs were junior sizes and I’m easily a size 13, not a popular choice out there in eBay land.

Anyhow, my Kirna size medium is up for grabs on eBay if anyone’s interested.

As for the rest of my haul? I did mention I went buck wild with the Payless Comfort Plus sale, thus the shoes. And snuggly cardis ftw! Click on each item for more side stories, if you’re so inclined.

(And yes, Whitney, doing this budget update really kept me from overspending too much. Thanks for the suggestion!)





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WIT :: a Dear John letter

Dear Forever 21,

I think it’s time we saw other people.

I know, I know, you have been loyal and true to the end. You always provided the best deals, the fastest shipping, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to find another skinny jean that fits me better for $10 anywhere but from you.

It’s not you; it’s me.

Lately, I’ve noticed that your offerings have skewed far away from my body type and my advancing age. I know you’re only trying to keep up with the trends and be current, but 14-inch bodycon skirts just aren’t doing it for me, no matter how much I love my legs. And cropped tops? Um, no thank you. No one needs to see my unsightly stretch marks, even if they are a badge of mommyhood.

I’d been thinking about this for some time. Whenever the Daily Dose of New Arrivals appears in my inbox, I have been immediately sending it to my trash without even clicking. And when I go on Mad Hunts, I’ve found myself leaning more toward thredUp, Target and eBay instead of you.

I think the nail in the coffin had to be my last purchase, however. It was your 50% Off Sale Items sale, usually a time for great rejoicing in this non-Nordstrom Anniversary Sale affording heart of mine. I browsed your pages into the wee hours of dawn and eventually settled on six items, all for the low, low total price of $52.25.

What a steal!

And the package came promptly four days later. I tore that yellow bag open as if it was a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and I was on a time-of-the-month feeding binge. Ten minutes later, though, I was left bereft.

Of the six items, only three passed muster. The other three were sad disappointments. That may sound like pretty good odds – 50/50 – but when I invest one fifth of my monthly budget on you and all of them are Final Sale items and therefore non-returnable, then the odds don’t look so choice.

The sad thing is that I still really admire your aesthetic, barring the short skirts and cropped tops, of course. I would wear the three items that didn’t work in a heartbeat. If they fit. But they didn’t. And I don’t know if they’re worth a trip to my master tailor.

Speaking of my tailor, that’s another reason we may not be right for each other anymore, F21. I find myself calling her more and more to alter your items and that just subtracts even more from my budget. I used to tell my daughter that I will be “forever 21” which is how I can still shop your wares, but maybe it’s time to admit that we’re just not good for each other anymore.

So, I really think we need to break up, Forever 21. If you need to have reasons, please see the following exhibits:

Exhibit A – Love the apron pockets, the cutout bodice and the colorful print. But the Large was too small, pulling across my boobage in an unsightly, ill-fitting way. I may end up cutting the top off and just rocking it as a skirt, but that’s gonna cost me, isn’t it? And I’d lose that fun cutout detail.

Exhibit B – Is it a dress? Yep. Does it fit more like a tunic on me? Yep. I could wear it as such, but it’s that awkward length where you’d know it was originally a dress. An easy fix – perhaps a run through the dryer? – but the print and cut and material don’t lend this to being a tunic in the first place. And I’d have to belt it and I don’t do belts.

Exhibit C – I should’ve known better. It already looked slim fitting on the very waif-like model, but I was seduced by the shift cut and modster vibe. This dress is not only too short, but will require much Spanx-ing and sucking in to make it look even vaguely Twiggy-esque. And fuggedabout washing it. I may just re-gift this to someone come Christmas.


I am still planning on rocking the other three items below. I will think fondly of you when I do. But I think I am now going to unsubscribe to your emails and block future notices from you so you can no longer tempt me.


Thanks for a great run, F21, but I think you’ll be much happier with a younger, taller, waifier crowd. This curvaceous, Rubinesque woman of a certain age will have to go elsewhere for her fast fashion fix.

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