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Actually, it’s Aly who’s still sick. Five days with a low-grade fever and persistent cough warrants a doctor’s visit, so I’m taking my second “sick day” of the school year and it’s only September. I’m so screwed if my other kid or – heaven forbid – I get sick. I only have 8 more days left.

But, yeah. A trip to the hospital does not necessitate anything fancier than sweats and a flannel button up. I leave that image to your imagination and beg off an OOTD post for the day.



Happy Labor Day!

Here’s hoping all my American readers had a relaxing, rejuvenating, and rewarding long weekend.

OOTD break :: of polishing my nails





How utterly serendipitous that this was a Create28 challenge topic. Thanks, KS#2, for my belated birthday present. I had as much fun unboxing as I did actually painting my nails. And the colors are brilliant!

Currently February 2015


I’m super psyched to present a new feature to you today.

Introduced to me by Whitney and the brainchild of Anne and Jenna, this is called “Currently”. Every month, the two ladies come up with verbs – or are they gerunds? – and all you have to do is fill in the blanks. How easy is that?

I may have missed the official linkup this month, but I completed one anyhow to test the waters. I also figured it was a good time to post this since, unlike most school districts in the U.S., ours celebrates the President’s Holiday with a four-day weekend rather than two three-day weekends. This means I’m off today, and therefore am slumming it.

No official OOTD, my friends.

I do hate to skip days, however. I’ve been slothful enough as it is when I cancelled weekend posts. So here ya go. Have a gander. And just in case you need a bit of help: top to bottom, left to right. Like a Western comic book.

:: hearting :: Velvet. Seriously. In the past six weeks, I’ve managed to acquire no less than five velvet items via eBay and Poshmark. That green piece will have its day in the sun next week so stay tuned.

:: reading :: Jackaby by William Ritter. OMG – it is like the love child of Sherlock and Doctor Who, as the tagline decrees! It was all kinds of awesome! Because who wouldn’t read a story about a 19th century supernatural sleuth, a modern woman, a ghost, a banshee, and a duck?

:: pinning :: Inspirational life quotes to post on my other WordPress blog, the one where I live an alternate life as a teacher and where my team and I have created a brand new, kickass semester project for our juniors. I’m in charge of Life Stage #1 and I’d sure love some feedback from fellow educators – homeschool and otherwise – and from anyone else who thought high school was a joke. Maybe we’re finally getting something right?

:: eating :: Or perhaps “ate” is more accurate. A pic of super nachos, recipe courtesy of Rachael Ray and a staple in our house when I don’t feel like being creative.

:: anticipating :: Kingsman. I’ve waited so long for this film and now it’s here. And I have a day off. It’s a match made in heaven. And Colin Firth? Yeah, I’m all over that! Depending on when you read this, I may be watching/will have already watched it. Stay tuned for a possible commentary in the future.

Next month’s gerunds: dreaming, planning, making, baking and watching. Won’t you come join the fun?