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WIT :: the Altuzarra collection

Tomorrow, the Altuzarra/Target collab hits the proverbial streets and I’m giving myself a free pass from the 90-Day Spending Fast in order to invest in one piece.

I suppose I could wait till they go on deep discount. But it’ll be a gamble. The collection could go the way of the Neiman Marcus collection. Prices plummeted within weeks of its appearance, and I remember snagging the Lela Rose top at a fraction of its cost (80% off the original $69.99 retail price).

On the other hand, the collection could go the way of the Missoni debacle, when the Target website collapsed under the strain of rabid online shoppers, and when brick and mortar shoppers practically slaughtered each other for a stab at the chevron-inspired scarves and shoes, and when eBay vultures inflated prices over 200%.

And let’s not forget the arm and a leg I spent this summer tracking down previous collab items to make my collection complete.

So I think I am well justified in investing in the pieces now, keeping the tags on them and perhaps getting a price adjustment if we have another Neiman Marcus on our hands.

That said, you all have to help me decide which one piece I should purchase. I need your opinion on which item best suits my style and color palette. I also want your opinion on item versus price point; that is, which one you think is worth paying retail. All of the items I’ve chosen I’d buy in a heartbeat, but I know some are only worth it if they went on sale.

I’ve whittled it down to these:

Altuzarra For Target: dress in black, $49.99*

dress in black, $49.99

Altuzarra For Target: wrap dress in purple orchid print, $49.99

wrap dress in purple orchid print, $49.99

Altuzarra For Target: oxford shirt in navy orchid print, $34.99

oxford shirt in navy orchid print, $34.99

Altuzarra For Target: sweatshirt in orchid print, $29.99**

sweatshirt in orchid print, $29.99

Altuzarra For Target: velvet blazer in ruby red, $59.99**

velvet blazer in ruby red, $59.99

Altuzarra For Target: flounce skirt in green python print, $34.99*

flounce skirt in green python print, $34.99

Altuzarra For Target: The Complete Lookbook, Plus Pricing : Lucky Magazine

structured dress with crane embroidery, $49.99

Altuzarra For Target: wrap dress in red, $39.99

wrap dress in red, $39.99

Altuzarra For Target: sweater with crane print embroidery, $49.99

sweater with crane print embroidery, $49.99

Altuzarra For Target: shirt in python, $19.99

shirt in python, $19.99


So what’s the verdict? Do tell in the comments section so I can stalk the winning item online when midnight comes rolling around. And thanks in advance for not judging; I promise I’ll add another week to my fast to make up for this transgression.


WIT :: photography and potential investments

Since I’m running out of beauty products to highlight, and since I’ve yet to think of an appropriate something to recommend as an alternative, and since I’ve actually got 114 – 114! When did that happen?! – of you following me so that’s 114 potential voices, I’m deviating from my Saturday HGB feature to solicit your advice on this:

How much should one invest in a hobby?

Because that’s what this blogging thing is for me – a hobby. I don’t make any money from it so it can’t be a job. I’m not exactly doling out mind-shattering style tips so it can’t be a service. I’m not changing anyone’s life here so it can’t be a calling.

So…hobby. Sounds so petty and insignificant. And therein lies the rub: I have a day job and a husband and two kids and a beast of a dog. I’ve already carved out time and energy away from my “real duties” for this hobby. How much money should I now put into it, if at all?

This question is borne of last week’s mini fiasco when the winds were miserable and I had to do my photo shoot indoors and my pictures ended up grainy and sub-par. I bet I’m being my own worst critic here, but you’ve gotta admit, a picture is worth a thousand words and I don’t know about you but there’s nothing that prevents me from following a blog more than shoddy pictures.

Again, though, this is a hobby. I don’t intend to monetize my little slice of the internet and I’m long past narcissistically obsessing over my daily visitor count. But I do want to be proud of what I put out. And I do want to make the reading experience enjoyable for you, my loyal readers. So I was thinking of purchasing this:

photobackdropwhich is retailing for anywhere between $20-40, depending on the height of the stand and the number of backgrounds included. Not too bad of an investment, although trying to hide the setup from the hubby will prove impossible and will result in drama, but that’s another concern for another day.

But then I thought: why stop there? If I was kosher with plunking down cash for the above, why not go whole hog with this:


which begins at around $89 on up. My IT guy at work and resident photography guru told me the only problem I had with my indoor shots was lighting, so why not get a kit that includes lighting specially designed for photography? Again, setup logistical nightmares notwithstanding, having this will allow me the flexibility of indoor shots and I won’t be at the mercy of Mother Nature anymore.

But it’s only a hobby.

And there have been many style bloggers I follow who I’m sure make do with what they’ve got and no one’s complaining. Am I just being too much of an OCD perfectionist? Should I just let it go? Are my current pictures sufficient? After all, even though I don’t have a $600+ camera or a photographer boyfriend or mad makeup/hair styling skills to make everything look oh so slick and professional, I have posted successfully for 315 days and counting and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

So over to you, my friends. What say you? How much should one invest in a hobby? Do I buy a photo kit? Do I save up for a bells and whistles camera instead? Or do I let sleeping dogs lie? Inquiring minds want to know…

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What’s in my cart :: Fall ’13 @ Target

I’m not even gonna bother justifying it.

Let’s just say one of my hobbies is trawling the Target website. I’m especially vulnerable late at night when I’ve emptied out my DVR but am too wired to go to sleep.

But this time, I am practicing self-control and fiscal responsibility by not clicking on the “checkout” button. Instead, I regale you with my cart in the hopes that some enterprising soul is spending the weekend online and is willing to help talk me out of another obscene amount of spending by using carefully curated words of persuasion.

  1. Merona Oxford blazer in Fandango Pink – because pop of color and I’m always green with envy when BFF wears hers
  2. Merona Oxford blazer in White Dot – because polka dots make me smile
  3. Merona Oxford blazer in Navy Plaid – because I’m a sucker for plaid
  4. Merona Oxford blazer in Houndstooth – because it’s a classic print
  5. Merona ruffled peplum blazer in Neverland Green – because I don’t own a lot of green and I like the Victorian vibe
  6. Merona printed blouse in Red – because KS#2 said this was better than #7
  7. Merona printed blouse in Floral – because one of my fave bloggers showcased it and I got the case of the gimmes
  8. Merona pencil skirt in Brown – because I can’t get enough of animal print and this one’s classier than mine
  9. Merona pencil skirt in Athens Blue – because there’s something compelling about this print
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WIT :: of wristlets, clutches and purses

So what’s the difference?

Or a better question: which do I need?

I figure this is one item I can definitely see spending a decent amount of money on. I keep thinking about my Coach wallet that I bought before my children were born. I paid $50 for it at the outlets and back then, I thought I was a big spender. But the money was well worth it; the wallet has lasted me all this time and it is the one thing I own that I consider an heirloom piece, it’s been with me that long.

Anyhow, I am willing to fork over some serious cash for a wristlet/clutch/purse as long as I’m guaranteed that it’ll serve me as well and as long as my wallet. KS#1 and I did a purse inventory yesterday, and we discovered that I have all the neutrals covered in the way of everyday purses/laptop conveyors. She tells me I need smaller receptacles for when I go to lunch with the girls and don’t necessarily want to lug my Longchamp tote to the restaurant.

But I’ve never been a purse person and I don’t even know where to begin. KS#1 says I need at least a crossbody but KS#2 says I just need a wristlet to hold my phone, wallet and lipstick.

Here are my choices for the latter, all from eBay because I’m all about the bargains.

So what say you, my friends? Wristlet or crossbody? If the former, do any of the ones above strike your fancy?

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