Hello, and pleased to meet you.

Perhaps you want to ask a question but don’t want to utilize the public forum.

Perhaps you want to leave some constructive criticism that takes longer than a comment box will allow.

Perhaps – and this is stretching it, but a gal can dream – you wish to sponsor me or provide me with freebies?

Well, here you go, my friends!Ā  Access to me 24/7.Ā  Because that’s how often I check my inbox.

Scary, huh?


7 thoughts on “interaction

  1. Ok, i have a confessions (a super good one that will make you really happy) I’ve been stuck on your blog for about two hours going through each and every post! I got way farther back than last Christmas…I love your blog! It’s effortless and funny and seems very organic and playful but also earnest, just good job all around! Glad to have found you!

    • OMgosh! [burbles giddily]

      What wonderful words you’ve left me! Thanks so much for them and for following me. I’ve always maintained that I’m a writer first before I’m a fashionista but recently, I’ve felt that perhaps I was being too wordy. This just renewed my faith in the written word. And you think I’m funny?! High praise indeed! šŸ˜€

    • Resuscitation is always welcome around here. It’s what keeps me from having to travel that guilt spiral every time I let something drop by the wayside. :p A pleasure to meet you and I hope you enjoy your visits!

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