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Week 15 :: of memories, Mom, and Mod madness

My mom is beautiful.

I remember growing up and sifting through pictures of her as a teenager and her being so self-effacing and even disparaging of her looks.  She’d always maintain that her younger sister was prettier, but I thought otherwise.

To me, my mother’s smile was positively radiant, her posture ramrod straight and elegant.  Her short shift dresses and bouffant hairdo were the epitome of class and style, and she was stunning both in posed photos (no artificial mugging for the camera for her) and in candids (she looked good from any angle).

I wish I had quick access to all her photos because I would make the most amazing collage to show you exactly what I mean.  Even now, at almost 70 this year, my mother still looks and acts like she’s decades younger.  And although she complains about her high blood pressure and is no longer free to indulge in many of the native foods because of it, she is one of the most active and vibrant people I know.

I guess that, more than anything else, makes her beautiful in my eyes.

I didn’t know it then, and she probably wouldn’t be the first to call it so since she’s not really into fashion, but Mom was the epitome of Mod.  So when I was sorting through my closet for Icon Week, it was one of the looks that was a total no-brainer.

Icon Wednesday

When Mary Quant, the originator of Mod, began scribbling away in her sketchbook in the ’50s…[w]hat she gave birth to was boldly black and white, zippered, geometric, and shiny – and went so far beyond new as to be positively futuristic…Mod still feels like the future – not the future as it happened but the era’s happy, optimistic, and flirty version of it.

Icon Wednesday

Some of you may remember one of my favorite photo shoots, and in retrospect, I realize it’s a favorite because I was channeling my mom.  After perusing my closet this week, I came upon another realization: a good third of my clothing reflects Mod Essentials.

I own such an unhealthy amount of a-line skirts, shift dresses, and black and white graphic prints that I was hard-pressed choosing how to represent the look.  I’ve had this dress since the beginning of last summer, though, and hadn’t yet worn it so I figured I’d give it a chance to shine.  Throw on a pair of chandelier earrings and my trusty captoe flats, and I think I’ve done well by this genre.

Icon Wednesday

Mod is so compelling to me, and I know now that I owe it all to my mom.  What about you, my friends?  Have you ever been inspired by your parents’ fashion choices?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – H&M
Shoes – Dexflex @ Payless
Earrings – F21

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Week 14 :: of a-lines and playing hooky

How can something so simple end up being so difficult?

An A-line dress, “having a fitted top and a flared bottom”, is such a ubiquitous silhouette that one would think there’d be a plethora of inspiration out there.


Well, not for me anyway.  It seems as if all the photos I’ve Googled and Pinterested are so been there, done that.  I’m not snarking; I literally yawned through five pages of a search that yielded the A-line/cardi combo.

Don’t get me wrong – I can channel my inner Doris Day as well as the next person, but sometimes, I just feel I need to be a little rough around the edges.  Miley Cyrus’ new look, anyone?

What makes things more complicated is that today is Birthday Day Off day.  BF and I have planned a day of thrifting and pedis and possible Korean spa treatments, and I don’t want to wear anything fussy.  So that eliminates the blazer and all its iterations (tuxedo, cropped, boyfriend, etc.) as being way too formal.

Sigh.  Who knew looking effortless required so much effort?

And then it hit me – denim!  [face palm]  Of course!  When all else fails, go with denim.  It’s the grand-daddy of the classics.  The go-to guy.  The pinch hitter in a pinch.  Once I’d had that epiphany, the only question left at that point was cropped or regular?  As you can see, I chose the former.

Dress Thursday

Thankfully, it promises to be a balmy 75F/24C so I won’t look too silly wearing a jacket.  Why even bother, you ask?  Well, it’s that pesky neckline.  (Is it a scoop?  Is it a ballet?  Is it a boatneck?  Commit already!)  Even when I put on my trusty circle necklace, it still looked like it was missing some visual interest.  A scarf, you say, would fill that expanse?  Trust me, I tried.  But I’m going for the unfussy look, remember?  I think the stiff, structured collar of the jacket serves my purposes indeed.

Dress Thursday

Surprisingly, shoes were a no-brainer this time.  Once I’d determined the denim jacket was the winning completer piece, out came my raffia wedges and the happiness factor soared sky high.  Throw in an impromptu hat for extra sun protection, and the outfit is complete.

Dress Thursday

I may not be a warm-weather lover but there’s something about a stripes/denim/straw combo that makes me think summer and that makes me think vacation and that makes me happy.  And when that darned show tune starts looping in my brain – I feel pretty, oh so pretty! – I know it’s gonna be a good day.

Dress Thursday

And you, my friends?  Are you ready for summer?  What items in your closet conjure up thoughts of margaritas by the beach?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – Old Navy
Jacket – F21
Shoes – Dolce Vita
Hat – F21

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