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Week 11 :: of ping pong balls, no regrets and Taylor Swift

I wasn’t supposed to buy it.

I walked around Ross with it.  I tried it out.   I walked around some more.  KS#1 and 2 both agreed it was cute but eventually convinced me that a dress of this nature was a one-time wear because of its distinctive color.  I put it back on the rack and walked away.  That was Sunday.

Yesterday, I came home from work and was met at the door by my son who informed me of his desperate need for ping pong balls in order to complete his science experiment.  I was hungry and tired but I obliged because that’s what good moms are supposed to do.  How convenient, then, that the sporting goods store is right next to Ross.

You pretty much know where this is going, don’t you?

I honestly only wanted to visit it.  In fact, I was half expecting it to be gone ‘coz that’s how things work at Ross.  It’s like the thrift store; if you don’t snatch it up the first time, there’s no guarantee it’ll be there tomorrow.  But there it was, on the last rack I looked.  And remember, I was tired and hungry; not the best combination when one is trying to be strong and virtuous.

I told myself I’d just buy it and try to style it at home.  After all, I could always return it if it didn’t work out.  But here it is.  Apparently working out.

Lace Tuesday

Now I can’t hold a candle to Taylor Swift’s beauty, but hers was the closest silhouette that matched my own when I Googled “blue lace dress”, so vanity be damned.  I do like how the color of my dress matches my newly painted nails perfectly (probably one of the main reasons I was so captivated by it in the first place), and I adore the darling bow belt that came with it.  Who knew black and Tiffany blue would work so well together?

I tore a page from Lisa at Respect the Shoes and wore a collared shirt under the dress.  It’s a strategy of hers which I’ve long admired but never had the proper pieces to replicate until now.  This dress needed it because the wide expanse of decolletage looked weird, even with a statement necklace (I tried) and the crew neck cardi I was planning on wearing with the top button buttoned completely hid the belt and no way was that gonna happen!  I tried multiple collared shirts and finally settled on this one because it provided a crisp contrast to the flowy-ness of the dress, what with the sharp collar, extra wide cuffs and pinstripes and all.

Lace Tuesday

I’ve got nothing much to say about the shoes except that my feet needed a break from last week’s excessive use of heels so I chose my most comfortable and sensible pair of black pumps.  I was planning on wearing these heels but I’m still debating whether or not I want to keep them.  At $29.99, I think it’s a steal, but I also have way too many shoes as it is.  Aly says it’s too expensive but KS#1 says it’s cute and she has a similar pair that she paid twice as much for.  I dunno; I’m still conflicted.

I’m also unsure about the cap sleeves on the dress.  Styled like this, I don’t mind it as much but when I wore it sans shirt, the sleeves looked like a flimsy afterthought.  What do you think – do I pay my lovely tailor to chop them off and remake the dress into a sleeveless number or do I leave them as is?

Lace Tuesday

Lace Tuesday

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress w/ belt – Ross
Shirt – New York and Co.
Shoes – Adrienne Vittadini
Earrings – eBay

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