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Week 15 :: of calm-cool-collected and Euro chic

Bianca JaggerCatherine DeneuvePrincess Caroline of Monaco.

These are the women for whom the word “chic” was invented…There’s a sense of selectiveness and couture to everything they wear – expensive or not – and to how they wear it… “The thing that is different about European chic is that it is effortless and sophisticated,” says designer Diane Von Furstenberg.  “The important part is the eclectic part – not what you wear, what you punctuate things with.”

So, um…yeah.

This is the one look of all the looks this week that filled me with much trepidation.  Not because of the essential pieces needed to recreate it.  No, I’ve got enough of those.  I’m more concerned with coming off as presumptuous or arrogant by putting myself in the same league as the women described above.

The class and refinement implied in being a part of the Euro Chic set feels false to an America pleb like me.  It’s as if I’m playing pretend in my mom’s heels and makeup.  There’s just something so je ne sais quoi about European women, an indefinable air of insouciance that is virtually impossible to mimic if one wasn’t of that continent.

But then I remembered the mantra Mom inculcated into our wee brains, in English even: Be calm, cool and collected.

A cliché?  Perhaps.  But it has stood me in good stead during the most stressful times of my life, and I think I can find my zen with this iconic look.

I got this.

Icon Thursday

It’s an eclectic mix of posh and casual.  Of looking like you’re strolling the banks of the Seine wearing last night’s soireé top with this morning’s proper trousers and somehow managing to make it seem that this mismatch was your intent all along.

Icon Thursday

It’s the statement watch and the casually looped scarf.  It’s sequins and plaid.  It’s a modern two-toned jacket and traditional oxfords.  And it’s the chutzpah with which to pull it all off.

It may have been over two decades since my foray into Europe, but I’m certain that I can remember clearly and emulate successfully the vibe of confidence and self-assuredness that was so prevalent in all the women I’d encountered there.

Icon Thursday

And you, my friends?  Have you got any words of wisdom by which you live your life?  Do they pertain to fashion choices as well?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – a.n.a. @ jcp
Trousers – Mossimo @ Target
Jacket – F21
Shoes – Charles Albert
Scarf – F21

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