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5 Things :: from the geekery

So my sis is in town from Boston and we’re probably gonna party hard and I can’t be bovvered thinking of five clever things if/when I’m hungover. For this week’s 5 Things feature, then, I give you bits and bites from The Geekery, my Pinterest board of cool (mostly Doctor Who) shite.

Because I’m a lazy arse like that.

Fantastic! Brilliant! Cool!  https://www.facebook.com/The.Doctor.Who.Tardis

Catch phrases. Wonder what 12’s will be? Or has it already happened and I missed it?


"Fantastic!" "Allons-y!" "Geronimo!" ||| Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Doctors

Catch phrases part deux.


Last lines. | Did anyone else notice Matt looking directly at the camera as he said, "I will always remember when the Doctor was me" ....? Yeah. Just thought I'd accidentally make everything hurt even worse..... sorry.

Last lines. I must admit, I do love 9’s the best, although 11’s is so poignantly bittersweet.


Only the most important females ever.

Nu Who Companions. How many say Rory needs to be here too?


And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is why I prefer the man with two hearts and a sonic screwdriver.

Because all kinds of YES.



Week in review – My fandoms in all their glory!

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OOTD :: of all things Doctor Who



10.14.14This was a given, right?

What other fandom has gotten so much press on this blog than Doctor Who? It stands to reason since it’s my most recent obsession and we all know how I am about new and shiny things.

I’m betting that this one has the longevity and staying power of Star Wars, though. After all, it’s got every element of geekdom that tickles my fancy: time travel, period pieces, spunky sidekicks, snarky protags, a plethora of quotable one-liners, and just enough of a fear factor that I can watch unhampered by my chicken-wimpiness.

Anyhoo, I thought to throw you for a loop with today’s ensemble. Normally, I’d go all out with a TARDIS blue everything outfit. Unfortunately, I’ve used up all my dresses of that hue and am now relegated to accessorizing with the color. But never fear – I’m in interp overdrive and I decided to think beyond color and go thematic instead.

Besides the fab TARDIS blue booties (which is the reason for this funny filter – the original photos came out too dark to show off the brilliance of the blue boots) and my TARDIS watch, then, I give you my take on a Clara outfit. I was going by these looks as my inspiration, playing mix and match with the few dresses I have left in my roster. I decided not to be so literal (you proud of me, Selah?) and to try capturing her vibe instead. She’s not too hard, really. After all, we’re both English teachers and we’re both quirky so, aside from the age difference, dare I say I’m actually a real-life Clara?

Now if only a mad man in a blue box would come a-calling…

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – ASOS
Cardi – tobi
Shoes – DVF

:: Linking ::
Sophisticated Style @ Fashionably Employed

Confident Twosday @ I Do deClaire/Whitney a la Mode

 Keep thinking of that scary, gives-me-the-heebie-jeebies book inspiration for your outfit this Thursday!
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WIT :: the 12th Doctor

*this post is dedicated to Jan, because she asked…

The 12th Doctor: The Oncoming Storm… or hope?

So I don’t know when this blog became a secret vehicle for my fangirldom, but slowly and surely, I find it being infected with all things Doctor Who.

I hope you don’t mind, but if you do, I’m warning you that I’m gonna rant a little bit about the show and the brand spankin’ new twelfth (12th?) Doctor so I give you permission to navigate away from this page and come back tomorrow for style pics.

But for you, gentle reader, who harbors the same fascination for our beloved Time Lord, I give you my humble thoughts on Peter Capaldi and my hopes for the future.


First off, I am not British and sadly do not follow British pop culture and therefore had no idea that Capaldi was famous in his own right across the pond. That said, my first impression of him is his amazing range and his flexible face. And when I say “flexible”, I’m talking about those attack eyebrows, and that aquiline nose and those slightly bulging eyes and that pursed mouth.

Capaldi raises “irritated” into an art form – he has so many variations of it and is not afraid to take any one of these variations and sling it about willy nilly. He’s not as manic as Tennant or as goofy as Smith but he does have his own brand of quirk. It’s an older man’s quirk and I think I like it. It speaks volumes to his experience as an actor that he can take a single emotion and create seemingly endless variations thereof.

For the future? I want to see that irritation morph into full-blown glee. Oh, he’s smiled some already in the four episodes I’ve seen, but they seem more like grudging grimaces or pained grins than true smiles. Of course, Capaldi would have to be given an authentic reason to beam, which leads me to my second point.

How do I feel about the 12th Doctor’s relationship with Clara?

To be blunt, I didn’t like it. Not at first. As far as series openers go, I was a bit underwhelmed by Deep Breath only because I felt cheated out of a true bonding experience between Clara and the Doctor. Much as I love the Paternoster Gang, I felt there were too many things happening in that episode for me to fully appreciate the Clara/12 vibe.

I thought to give them a chance with episode 2, but then the Dalek took over that one (don’t they always?) and I was still feeling no warmth and chemistry between Doctor and Companion and I was despairing of ever liking the pairing and hoping the intro of Danny Pink would work Amy/Rory magic so I could tolerate the show for the remainder of the season.


Then came episode 3. And I was blown away. I felt this was when the pair hit their stride – Clara being less dumbstruck and more sassy (Tell me I‘m not the only one who loves it when she tells the Doctor to shut up) and 12 being less crotchety-mean and more crotchety-petulant  (“I don’t do banter.” Priceless!)

I didn’t think things could get any better after the slapstick slapdash and comic timing of Sherwood, but along came Listen, and now I’m just speechless. I have no words, so I’ll just borrow Moffat’s:

“Why do you have three mirrors? Why don’t you just turn your head?”

“Do you have your own mood lighting now, because frankly, the accent is enough.”

“What’s going on with your face? It’s all eyes. Get them under control.”

“Fear doesn’t have to make you cruel and cowardly. Fear can make you kind.”

“I’m against the hugging.”

And when she smacks him on the head for scaring Rupert? Fangirl squee!

For the future, then, I will just trust the Moff and cheer Coleman and Capaldi from the sidelines. They’re gonna be magic.

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5 Things :: from the Geekery

I write this anticipating that the Doctor Who series premiere was fantastic/brilliant/cool (and wondering what Number 13’s catch phrase for “awesome” will be) because you all know I postdate my posts and who knows if I’ll have time on Sunday to actually blog about it.

That said, in celebration of the fantasticness/brilliance/coolness of the episode, I give you 5 Things from my Geekery Pinterest board that proclaim my unadulterated Whovian fangirliness.

Simple.  Truth.

I actually have this as my picture on the school website.

Doctor Who quotes

But where’s Donna?! And 12?


‘Nuff said.

Doctor who quote

No truer words have been spoken.

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