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OOTD :: of my favorite digital thrift store




Green plaid blazer: $12. Floral skirt: $15. Tights: $8. Pumps: $35. Outfitted in a superfab plaid ensemble for under a $100: Priceless.

So aside from the tights, which were still a bargain since I got them on sale from the website, this entire look is courtesy of my fave thrifting place – eBay. I know it’s always a gamble to buy things online, and sometimes there are questionable sellers out there, but if you’re wise and careful and well-aware of feedback scores, then eBay just can’t be beat for sheer volume and variety. I challenge any brick and mortar to go up against the might of this resale giant and win.

Besides, I’m stuck in BFE suburbia with nary a hip thrift store in sight. Can you blame me for taking advantage of whatever resources are available to me?

But anyhow, back to the clothes. Here’s my Cliffs Notes commentary on today’s ensemble:

1. The collar of that blazer pops up instead of laying flat, giving it a vaguely militaristic flair. Total bonus since I didn’t notice it either when I bought it.

2. See that peek of neon green by my toes? Adorbs and a pleasant surprise since it picks up the green on the blazer.

3. Yeah, I’m wearing tights with peep toes. And I couldn’t care less that it’s a fashion faux pas.

4. I probably should’ve worn a turtleneck instead of a necklace to fill that expanse of neck. Note to self for next time.

5. You know you’re totally jealous of my crocodile print tights.

6. I must love the floral/plaid combo; it’s the second time this week that I’ve done this particular pattern mix.

7. I’m wondering if I should replace those monstrous plastic buttons. They feel dated. Or is that just me?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Blazer – eBay
Skirt – eBay
PumpsSeychelles @ eBay

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