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OOTD :: of a new twist on a new fave




Last season, I was all into skinny jeans.

My Mad Hunting quest back then (before I even knew to call it Mad Hunting) was to own a pair of skinnies in every single color of the rainbow. Boy, that was a chore! Do you know how difficult it was to find the perfect pink pair? Sheesh!

Well, I’d done it and my closet has stacks of jeans coordinated by hue and pattern to prove my success. Of course, I’ve since stopped running ye ol’ treadmill regularly and I’ve snuck a can of soda or three indiscriminately which means those skinny jeans? Yeah, not so skinny on me anymore.

So until I get back down to fighting weight again – and it will happen; I just need a good swift kick – I’ve turned to wearing skater skirts. Why skater skirts? They’re forgiving to my pooch and flattering to my vertically challenged height. They’re alternately flippy and girly or edgy and kitschy depending on what I pair them with, and they’re easily adaptable to the schizophrenic temps we’ve got in SoCal (tights or leggings and boots if cool; bare legged and pumps if not).

Come to think of it then, when put that way, I may just adopt skater skirts as My Thing and donate all my skinnies. 😜

While I ponder that possibility, let me just link up with Caitlin @ Greater Than Rubies today. Her weekly RRR theme is A New Twist on an Old Favorite, and even though skater skirts are a new fave, I’ve done so many iterations of it (here, here and here, for example) that I can safely say it’s been a true remix of my wardrobe. Pairing it up today with a cropped jacket and wearing said jacket as a top (I mean, wouldn’t you? Look at that fab portrait collar!) is just one of the many ways you can style the very versatile skater skirt.

Yeah, I think I’m hooked.


:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Jacket – Tracy Feith @ Target
Skirt – Mossimo @ Target
Pumps – Janine @ Payless

:: Linking ::
Remix Rewear Restyle @ Greater Than Rubies
Fashion Friday @ All Things Chic

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OOTD :: of halter necks, sexiness and thoughtful dressing




I have Connie @ Snow in the Air to thank for this month’s T3 book, The Thoughtful Dresser.

It’s not my usual reading fare, being non-fiction and all, but the author, Linda Grant, has a knack for storytelling so she was able to fool my finicky, fantasy/YA/sci-fi-consuming self. I managed to trundle through the first half of the book engrossed and engaged, and armed with Post-its, I marked up the fascinating quotes that have peppered my previous posts. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as much as I.

And then I hit a reading slump. I don’t blame Grant; in fact, I doubt anything could’ve gotten me out of it, even my beloved YA brain candy. Things just got cray-cray at work and rather than taking advantage of the 20 minutes of SSR at the beginning of each class block, I frantically graded papers instead. I know. Bad role model. But things had to get done.

So I’m here to tell you that I can’t whole-heartedly recommend this book since I have yet to finish it, and what if it takes a turn for the worse in the latter half of it? I’d hate for you to have squandered your time and energy and money (although I did borrow my copy free from the library) because of me. I’ll update you if and when I finally get around to the end.

In the meantime, I leave you with the excerpt I chose specifically to coincide with today’s 50s-inspired halter dress:

Sexy is not the desire to have sex. Sexy is not what turns on the person looking at you. Sexy is a state of mind, of understanding that under all the drapery there is a body, and inside the body are instincts and desires. Sexy is a state of being. It’s a way of knowing you’re alive. It’s the sensual relationship of skin to cloth.

Many women when they reach middle age, or menopause, cease to feel that they are women, or women who are endorsed by male attention. Their clothes announce their resignation; they’ve resigned from being women. They’re resigned to no longer being looked at…

I now believe, as I used not to, that without some element of muted sexiness women don’t feel entirely themselves…We can forget for many a long year to be or feel or look sexy. WE can rebel against sexy…We can give up, or be too depressed or too downtrodden, but if you put a woman in a very sexy dress and show her her own reflection in a mirror, she will first weep and then laugh.

Because it is necessary, this desire to be sexy; it’s the deep part of who we are. It’s all the difference.

I feel sexy in this dress, bared arms and all. I hope you’ve felt the same at least once this week, if not more. Let’s all celebrate being beautiful, wonderful, sexy women! Go on and click on the blue froggy and link up! I want to see your gorgeous selves and/or your gorgeous creations!


 : Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – eBay
  Necklace – gift from my son
Cardi – F21
Pumps – Payless


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OOTD :: of Roaring 20s and tea dresses




This is the last time I’m doing this.

The last time I go balls out (pardon the vulgarity) on a theme, that is.

I swear.

Because, contrary to my belief, you can fulfill a theme – no matter how obscure or demanding – with stuff already in your closet. Case in point: Anne’s Pick-me-up this week is the Roaring 20s. Instead of shopping my closet like the clever and judiciously thrifty Selah did, I went hog wild on a Mad Hunt on eBay, stalking pieces and swooping in at the last minute to score some beauties.

The good news is that they weren’t all that pricey. The bad news is I had to do it five times because there are five days in a work week and I wanted to do a theme week around Anne’s.

Stupid, stupid rat creature. (I’m talking about me here, not you, gentle reader.)

So yeah, I blew my monthly budget on a week’s worth of outfits. I promise not to do that ever again. Or, at least I’ll try. Maybe you all can keep me honest. Not one to belabor a point, however, let’s get on with the show…

1920s clothing trends are a little bit naughty, a little bit nice and without a doubt some of the most scandalous-for-their-time designs of 20th century female fashion.

By 1924, hemlines had risen to the knee, waistlines dropped below the hips and the arms and back were exposed to attract the attention of male admirers on the dance floor.

No longer trapped by oxygen-sucking corsets, the ’20s female could adorn herself in metallic thread, sequined beading and shimmery lame when she hit the town all wild ‘n fancy free. Oh, to return to this decade and learn the Charleston in the dark shadows of a speakeasy!

from Sammy Davis Vintage

This highly informative article from S. Davis Vintage proceeds to list 10 trends inherent to 20s fashion. I chose 5 that I thought would be easily accessible and/or easily modernized. After all, I didn’t want to be so derivative of the time period that I looked costume-y.

Today, I chose to highlight tea dresses. Unfortunately, this look also happens to be my most derivative of the week. You really can’t modernize a tea dress like this. I mean, don’t think I didn’t try – I was initially gonna wear this look with combat boots! In the end, though, because it is Visible Monday, and because the dress and its accompanying coverup was just too much of a statement piece to mess with, I chose to embrace the theme and the decade whole-heartedly. All that’s missing is a bobbed haircut and a cloche.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – eBay
Shoes – Seychelles @ eBay
Necklace – gifted

:: Linking ::
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Visible Monday @ Not Dead Yet

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Week 19 :: of gingham, floral and making nice

Yesterday was such a red-letter day, I don’t think today has a chance.

What happened yesterday, you ask?  Target happened, my friends.

That’s right, I got to visit mecca. And although it was slim pickings at this particular mecca – downtown North Haven is scary! – it was still a Target and I was able to pick up a few necessities.

But that’s a post for another day.  Today, we’ve got a full schedule of more orientation meetings but with the full EXPLO staff this time, which means more feeling like a n00b and smiling politely until my face freezes that way.  I don’t know how Elizabeth Bennett did it.

Anyhow, rather than throw myself a pity party, I decided to be extra super cute instead.  And what could be super cuter than pattern mixing with gingham?

7x7 remix

Often people ask what to pair with a skirt or pair of pants that has some pattern that they don’t know what to do with, and my answer always includes a chambray shirt.  This time I tied it over my skirt, though I could also have tucked it in and thrown a belt over it.

Now I could’ve done a chambray shirt like Audrey because I did bring one.  But since it’s not part of my remix inventory, it’ll just have to wait its turn.  Today, I’m Miss Sassy Pants, which is a bit of a contradiction since I’m wearing this adorable skirt that I picked up on eBay for a steal.

7x7 remix

When I found out EXPLO hired me so many months ago, I went on a midi skirt spree, thinking I’d need them for the humidity everyone threatened me with.  I thought then that I wanted to look professional but still keep cool.  When I got the email about everyone pretty much living in gym clothes all summer, all my hard-won eBay skirt purchases were thrown out of the suitcase.  This is the lone survivor which I’d tucked in at the last minute.

I’m sure that this outfit is going to look too dressed up. And it promises to be a sweltering 92 today.  But guess what?  Wearing it anyway.  Climate and social mores will not defeat me!

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – F21
Skirt – Banana Republic @ ebay

(Only via eBay can I ever afford a Banana Republic item.)

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